How to buy a European sofa

- Aug 14, 2018-

At present, the general European-style sofas are in three different forms: 1+1+3, 1+2+3, 1+3+ beds. Therefore, when choosing a sofa, you must first consider the living room space and purpose, and then select according to the overall design. The right match.

When choosing a European-style sofa, you should focus on the style. The reason why the price of the European-style sofa is high is that the material is better, and the style is also partly occupied. To this end, furniture fans introduce you to the following three methods.

Style by space

Before buying a European-style sofa, you should first have a general concept of the space between the European sofa and the living room. The thick and magnificent European-style sofa is only suitable for the large-scale living room. The European-style sofa is more suitable for the European-style sofa. It is used to decorate the living room of the large number of flats, so as to fully display the beauty of the European classical sofa, and it will not feel the oppressive space in the living room.

The living room in a small space is more suitable for a low-back European-style sofa, or a European-style sofa with a strong sense of design. Such a sofa feels thin, and the sofa will have a wide view when it is placed on the sofa. European style or neoclassical European sofas are a good choice.

Observe the details of the sofa

After the overall determination, pay attention to the decorative effect of cloth and wood. Check whether the fabric has a wireless head and a pattern that is disorderly; the pattern of the solid wood decoration has no gaps and the surface is flat.

The sponge of the sofa should be resilient.


Choosing the right color and fabric

When choosing the color, it should be unified with the color, style and style of the ceiling, wall, floor, door and window to achieve the effect of coordination, and the choice can be made to create the desired effect.

If it is a spacious living room with bright and bright lighting, then the bright colors of big flowers, red, green, squares and other bright colors are very suitable. Just pay attention to the matching of the rest of the furniture and the style is uniform;

If the living room has a wall skirt or the color of the wall, then the sofa is not suitable for picking bright colors. If you choose a plain fabric, it will be elegant. If you like to let the living room have a classical atmosphere, choose a darker color sofa or striped sofa. If the living room wall is four white, the choice of dark fabric will make the interior look clean and peaceful, and comfortable; if the doors and windows are white, elegant and generous, more complex fabric sofa is more suitable.

Fabrics must be chosen to be more supple and comfortable to sit on. When you purchase, you can see the trademark and whether it has the nationally certified E1 and E0 quality certification standards. The reputable merchant fabric can be guaranteed.