How to better match the color of fabric sofa

- Jun 13, 2018-

Fabric sofas are soft in touch, rich in patterns, rounded lines, novel shapes, and relaxing. Although it is a new member of the sofa family, it has become the new darling of many families. The soft texture and rich colors give the sofa a variety of “expressions” that are extremely accommodating. Especially in winter, the softness of the fabric sofa can well melt the cold atmosphere, warm the indoor air, and create a sunny spring feeling. The gentle, intimate contact is a wonderful feeling when sitting gently, and it is enough to enjoy for a while.

There are more and more styles and brands of fabric sofas nowadays, but the more choices they choose, the less they know how to choose. Not satisfied, but like too much, do not know how to choose. How do we choose the color of the sofa?

The color of the sofa and the decoration of the living room should be contrasted, that is to say, to coordinate with the overall color of the living room. If the decoration of the living room is darker, choose a light colored sofa, such as white, light green, sky blue or orange, to break the boring visual effects of the entire room; if the floor and walls are lighter, the color of the sofa is relatively speaking. To be dark, choose gray, walnut, black, etc.

In addition, the color and material of the sofa should be the same as other furniture in the living room. If the TV cabinets and coffee tables are intended to be walnut-colored, the color of the sofas should be the same color if not the same color, and the armrests and sofa brackets are also preferably walnut; if the other furniture in the living room is a metal or glass structure The sofa armrests and brackets are also preferably metal. The color of the sofa can be deep or shallow.