How should an office chair create a base for office workers?

- May 19, 2018-

The office is the longest place for each office worker to stay. Office workers stay in the office for no less than their home. In this world, the office chair deservedly became the best partner of office workers.

        First, office workers "struggling" to emphasize comfort

    Right-angle desk, swivel chair, below the desk there is a small cabinet dedicated to the computer main box, under the cabinet there are four universal wheels, can easily and easily move the host, to connect the mobile hard disk and the like operations. Similar to the main cabinet, the locker is also a separate cabinet with a universal wheel, allowing these little guys who are full of information files to move freely. As a result, there is enough space on the desktop to display Xiaoru's favorite gadgets, plush toys, cartoon pen holders, and exposures... Let the intense and serious work become lively and relaxed.

Second, living furniture "occupation" office

"Humanized design is another feature of office furniture in recent years, so that people can think of furniture." Zhang said that the style of office chair is actually very simple. The general concept of consumption is that office furniture is used for office work. It should not be done in a garrulous manner. It would be less serious. However, with the constant progress of people's ideas, office chairs are constantly catering to people's ideas.

    It is understood that in some IT companies' offices, office areas and leisure areas are inlaid together, so some living furniture will be added to the ranks of office furniture. Because the design of ordinary living furniture is more humane, it can take into account the actual needs of people. For example, the tea room in a modern office building is a very humanized individual room. There are tailor-made whole cabinets and tea, coffee, juice and other beverages can all be enjoyed.

      Third, the office open desk private

Corresponding to a separate office chair is integrated office furniture. At present, this type of office chair is more popular and can be seen in major furniture stores in Xi’an. According to the salesman Dong Lin, this office chair is characterized by its efforts to integrate all its functions into one, and to make effective use of space. This style of furniture is suitable for offices with limited space. This type of office furniture integrates office equipment such as desks, computer tables, filing cabinets, printers, and fax machines, making the entire office space more private and ideal for modern open-plan offices. Because it is compact and reasonable, it is also very suitable for the study in the home.