How important is the chair?

- May 19, 2018-

The chair is not only a tool for rest, but also a "partner" for work and study, and a symbol of one's social status! According to relevant investigations and researches, in the life of a person, standing: 30 years, asleep: 23 years, sitting: 17 years, therefore it is concluded that sitting in our lives accounts for a large proportion, so a The ergonomic chair allows us to sit more comfortably and live healthier. Surveys have shown that the design requirements for human-robot seats are as follows: (1) Maintain the correct curvature of the spine; (2) Prevent the pelvis from tilting backwards; (3) Minimize pressure on the coccyx and hips; (4) Pelvis (sciatic joint) Provide effective support; (5) Reduce and limit the pressure on the muscles of the leg socket; (6) Provide good support for the pelvis and feet. It is generally believed that the backrest is needed. Now people will not sit in the chair any more. They will be in various positions. The backrest gives them a chance to rest and relax. However, to really relax, it depends on whether the curve design of the back of the chair is reasonable. Prior to the invention of the chair, humans used more sloppy and squat postures in indoor activities. The chair successfully solved the problem of balance of the human body. The comfortable sitting posture greatly improved the work efficiency. However, it shifted the load-bearing parts of the human body from the knees of the knees and knees to the hips and spine. The various health problems caused by the chairs were exactly the same. Out here.

When a person is working or studying in a chair, the body's center of gravity moves forward, and the center of gravity moves forward to tighten the body's neck and back muscles. For a long period of time, this kind of sitting posture will cause the above muscle groups to be stretched and the contraction force will be weakened, gradually causing the head and neck and chest to lean forward. This forward lean force will further stretch the muscles on the back of the neck. Over time, cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis also occur. Just come to the door. After recognizing the importance of the chair, you can “point to it” when choosing and using the chair. For "workers" and senior citizens who need to work long hours at desks, it is better to choose a chair that has a headrest, backrest and armrests. When you are tired, you can rest your head and neck and lower back on your head and back, and put your hands on your hands. On the armrests, the headrest, backrest and armrests of the chair can take part of the weight of the body and upper arm and reduce the chance of muscle strain in the lower back. The height of the chair can best make the upper body and thighs, thighs and calves angles are 85-90 degrees, and the feet can be flat on the ground. This will allow the head to have pillows, elbows with support, back with a lean, feet with a foot, so that all parts of the body have enough support to reduce the stance of the sitting muscles on the back and compression of the buttocks, leg muscles.

Swivel chairs are now more and more popular with people. Take things in such chairs and the entire body can rotate together, helping to reduce fatigue in the lower back. The downside of swivel chairs, however, is that people turn around easily and the chances of getting up and down are reduced. For the office workers who are sedentary all day long, they virtually reduce the chance of activities. It should be noted that when choosing a chair, it varies from person to person. The child's body is in growth and development. It is best to choose height-adjustable chairs so that the height of the chair can be adjusted at any time according to changes in height. But now, the chairs and tables in schools and offices are almost "mean code." Therefore, many tables and chairs do not match the figure of a person. If you sit in an inappropriate chair for a long period of time, you will undoubtedly be forced to “stick” to a bad sitting posture for a long time, and it is easy to cause children's spine bending, myopia and other diseases. Because the height of the desks and chairs in the office is not tailor-made, more and more white-collar workers are beginning to suffer the "torture" of low back pain. In addition, the chair's softness should also be moderate, too hard chairs to sit up uncomfortable, too soft chair is also not good for health, especially men, sitting in a soft chair for a long time, the scrotum is surrounded by pressure, can not be properly performed Temperature regulation can cause testicular temperature to rise. Testicular spermatogenic cells are very sensitive to the temperature, the temperature is too high, is not conducive to the formation of sperm, thereby affecting fertility. Maintaining a good sitting position is as important as choosing a chair that suits you. When sitting in a chair, you should try your best to keep your back straight and distribute the center of gravity to the left and right buttocks and thighs. If you are sitting on a chair with a backrest, you should try to place the back of the waist close to the back of the chair on the basis of the above posture so that the muscles in the lumbosacral region will not fatigue. Do not develop the habit of 跷 Erlang legs, otherwise it will cause a continuous load on the neck and back, so that the back muscles and ligaments are excessively stretched and damaged for a long time, which causes unexplained low back pain. In addition, Er Jilang's legs are sedentary and will remain. Squeeze the blood circulation of the legs because the legs are pressed against each other.