How electric massage chairs work

- May 31, 2018-

Electric massage chair ( is a kind of high-tech intelligent furniture to relieve fatigue. It is being recognized and loved by more and more people. With the improvement of people's living standards and the increase in health care, The application of massage appliances is becoming more and more popular, and multi-functional intelligent electric massage chairs, massage beds, massage cushions and other high-end massage cushions have gradually been accepted by people. There are many types of electric massage apparatus, including massage chairs, massage beds, heated or non-heated massage cushions (car massage cushions, massage cushions, mattresses, back cushions), aprons, shoulders, and hand-held hammer vibrators. Foot Massage Bathtub, calf kneading and other vibration, massage function appliances. It plays a role in eliminating fatigue and health care for the human body. As an emerging industry, electric massage apparatus is an application field where small motors are very promising, and has a broad market.

   The electric massage chair is a seat that is driven by an electric motor and an air pump and is used to massage, knead, and slam a certain part of the human body by means of a mechanical (a massage wheel) and an air bag. The backrest supports the human neck, shoulders, back, and waist. It can be tilted backward from the high position to the low position to reach the supine position of the human body. The backrest is raised and lowered by an electric push rod or a gas spring. The electric push rod is powered by a permanent magnet DC motor and relies on a mechanical structure to drive the push rod (sleeve) for linear motion. The push rod extends and retracts to raise or lower the lift or leg frame that drives the backrest. A massage chair is equipped with two electric push rods to control the lifting of the backrest and the leg frame respectively. The electric push rod is equipped with a travel switch to control the push rod to move back and forth. Electric push rod thrust requirements are generally not less than 6 pull.