How do consumers choose when buying fabric sofas or leather sofas?

- Jun 11, 2018-

Many consumers have such an idea when buying a sofa. Is it good to buy a sofa or a leather sofa? For this reason, Shanghai Xinyu Sofa Factory specially collected and organized some suggestions for everyone from the Internet, hoping to help you. In fact, between fabric sofas and leather sofas, leather sofas have the advantages of leather sofas, and cloth sofas have cloth sofas. They cannot simply say that they are good or bad, because they have their own styles and advantages, and they also exist. Different aspects of defects, as consumers, should choose which type based on the style of their own family and personal preferences, and can not simply engage in "one size fits all".

According to the style of purchasing fabric or leather sofa.

Cloth PK leather.

Cloth sofa ventilation performance is better.

Because of different materials, fabric sofas and leather sofas give people different feelings. Fabric sofas look more relaxed and lively, while leather sofas look relatively heavy. On the basis of different materials, the two types of sofas have also derived different styles. The fabric sofa is novel in design and bright in color. It embodies the most cutting-edge fashion factors, while the leather sofa is full of cultural charm and looks both stylish and stylish. And generous.

Let's talk about fabric sofas. In general, fabric sofa is more suitable for young people's tastes, because it often embodies the latest popular elements, in the frame, fabric, color, etc. tend to reflect the current direction of the popular. In addition to the sensory aspects, there are three main advantages in using fabric sofas.

According to Xu Xuezhen, the home consultant for the ideal space, first of all, fabric sofas are made of various fabrics, and the air permeability is better. Even if consumers are sedentary in the same place, the buttocks are less likely to be hot and humid. Even if I sit for a long time, I feel more comfortable and help people feel less irritated. Secondly, the surface of the fabric sofa is all covered with fabrics. The same materials are used in the front, back, and right and left. It looks like there is a genuine one. Feeling, unlike leather sofas, the skin on the seat may be genuine leather, but the backrest part does not generally use leather. Instead, it uses artificial leather instead. Once again, the fabric sofa is easy to clean. When cleaning the fabric sofa, the cloth cover on the surface can be removed, and it can be installed after cleaning, so that the thoroughness of the cleaning can be guaranteed.

Leather sofas have a longer life.

Leather sofas also have unique advantages. Leather sofas look more luxurious atmosphere, for some luxury homes, villas and family, leather sofa seems to be an essential living room supplies. Because of the dignity and imposingness of the leather sofa, it is impossible for the fabric sofa to reach. Therefore, it is a good choice to place a leather sofa in a luxury house or villa. In addition to its appearance, the leather sofa also has its own advantages in daily use.

According to Zhong Shiying, the first-line sales consultant of Australasia, in the daily life, leather sofas are more convenient in terms of care. Usually, simply dip the towel into clean water, wring out and wipe the surface of the sofa. And the texture that the leather sofa sits on is also more special, moderate flexibility and firmness are also difficult to shoulder with the fabric sofa. In addition, from the perspective of service life, the lifespan of leather sofas is longer than that of ordinary fabric sofas. “Because leather sofas are almost sitting and sliding, if there is no accidental wear, there will be no phenomenon of cortical dehiscence under normal circumstances. Can be used for a long time.

According to the style of purchasing fabric or leather sofa in the end? .

According to home style and personal preferences.

In the interview, many industry experts stated that both fabric sofas and leather sofas have their own advantages. Consumers should purchase according to the characteristics of the house, decoration style, interior furniture style and personal taste when purchasing. Blindly imitating and “looking east and west to borrow” has caused a lack of style and interest. Since he has used himself for some time, he has found that he didn’t really like it and had to buy it again.

For example, when purchasing a leather sofa, be sure to look at the space in your living room. If the space is too small, choose a fabric sofa. Zhong Yongying said that under normal circumstances, the living room space should be more than 45 square meters will be easy to show the style of leather sofa, otherwise it will be the space "crowded" very cramped, not only is not conducive to creating a relaxed, warm home environment, the sofa itself It also appears unsightly.


Daily care for the sofa.

In the daily use of the sofa, we must know how to use the right methods to protect them before they make their youth stay bright and shining. In the care of fabric sofas, it is usually recommended to use dry cleaning when cleaning cloth covers. Because, if you use the washing machine for a long time, it will be easy to make it lose its luster, and in the process of washing, it is easy to break the zipper of the cloth cover.

In the process of cleaning the leather sofa, it is necessary to wring out the water when using a towel soaked in water, otherwise the water will enter the inner layer of the sofa along the pores of the skin, destroying the structure of the cortex, a long time, it will easily lead to inside Moldy, smelly.