Hotel furniture custom selection of what material is good

- Jun 27, 2018-

Hotel furniture custom selection of raw materials - wood chipboard

Particle board, also called particle board, is made of medium long wood fiber and two fine wood fibers. It is pressed into a board by high temperature and high pressure. Its substrate is the planted forest, the trunk of the natural forest, the branch shavings or the processing of wood shavings. Particle board is a common 18mm, 25mm. Its strength is its low expansion rate and strong stability. Hotel furniture custom selection of this raw material defects is due to the simple method of manufacture, the quality is different, not easy to distinguish, the edge of the particleboard is called rough, simple moisture absorption, loose density, easy to loosen, low grip nail force visual hair, glue amount, as long as the quality of imports The particle board meets the European E1 high standard and the formaldehyde content is less than 0.9mg/100m.

Hotel furniture custom selection of raw materials - melamine plate

The full name is melamine impregnated film coated wood-based panels. It is soaked with melamine resin adhesive in paper with different colors or textures, and then dried to a certain degree of curing. It is paved on particleboard, medium density fiberboard, or hard fiberboard. It is formed by hot pressing. Decorative plates. Nowadays, the substrates used in the market for customized hotel furniture are all of this type. The substrate is divided into three hydrogen ammonia particle board and three hydrogen ammonia density board. The melamine board's exterior design changes more and has more features. It is a hotel furniture custom that can select materials, but the environmental protection requirements for the board are very strict and it is necessary to reach the European E1 standard.

Hotel furniture custom selection of raw materials - splint

Also known as plywood, the line is commonly known as fine core board. The raw wood is cut into veneer or veneer and then cut into thin wood, and then three or more layers of thin plates are glued together with an adhesive. Usually, odd-numbered boards are used, and the fibers of the adjacent boards are placed straight and glued together. The splint has six different thickness specifications.

Hotel furniture custom selection of raw materials - fiberboard

Fibre board, also known as density board, is formed by powdered wood fiber pressed at high temperature, with good flatness, good stability, and high bearing capacity. The hotel furniture custom-made uses this material to be superior in strength and hardness to chipboard. The internal structure of the fiberboard is uniform, the density is moderate, the dimensional stability is good, and the deformation is small. Therefore, the nail holding force is strong, and it can be disassembled and assembled repeatedly to facilitate the transfer. And the melamine-coated fiberboard has features such as moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, abrasion-resistance, and high-temperature resistance, and does not require post-processing, and the formaldehyde content is low. Is a good raw material for hotel furniture customization, but the processing accuracy and process requirements are higher and the cost is higher.

What kind of raw materials for hotel furniture custom selection - the fifth type of Blockboard, also known as Daxinban, is the use of natural peeling veneer and solid wood panels by plastic, hot pressed plate. Blockboard processing technology extension fight and hand fight two kinds of craftwork is to artificially insert the wood bar into the splint, the wooden bar was subjected to the poor compression force, can not be cut processing, only suitable for partial decoration of the child Projects, such as mats made of solid wood flooring, etc. The machine-suppressed panels are subjected to a large amount of extrusion force. The gap is extremely small, the splicing is flat, the bearing weight is uniform, and the long-term use is not easily deformed. Its main uses are furniture, doors and windows, sets, spacers, false walls, heating covers, curtain boxes, and so on. It is also a good choice for hotel furniture customization.