Good custom furniture or finished furniture

- Jun 21, 2018-

Referred to product furniture and custom furniture, we would normally think that custom furniture is too costly, in order to simplify and directly select the mall of furniture; some users because of space constraints, that custom furniture is more suitable to decorate units, to be more room for improvement The utilization rate. What kind of furniture should be used under what circumstances? Now take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of product furniture and custom furniture.

If you are usually busy, but also an annoying lazy person, no time to go to the mall to pick and choose, do not understand the design drawings, do not understand the color deployment want to one-time get everything, then select the product furniture is now referred to take. If you are pursuing a high quality home, have time and love to spend here, then choose custom furniture.

Environmental protection sounds like a word far away from us. It seems to be irrelevant. However, when environmental protection furniture is linked to our home, it is no longer a problem. It is a big security issue.

The product smells less furniture and the product is qualified. Basically all plates are used for production and sales of E1 grade or above, generally through certificates, each manufacturer of branded furniture must be qualified environmental protection furniture.

Custom furniture has a long odor retention but is generally more durable. Newly-manufactured wooden furniture has been advocated for ventilation for more than two months. Custom-made furniture advocates monitoring the use of data at any time and controls the quality of the manufacturing process.

Tips: Friends with pregnant women, elderly people and children are still advocating the purchase of furniture.

Raw materials and craft products Furniture is divided into solid wood and MDF and other raw materials. The texture is clear, the color is smooth, and it doesn't require late painting, so it can be very beautiful and pleasing to the eye. In general, the price of solid wood furniture is more expensive, and the price of density board or synthetic board is relatively moderate.

Customized furniture styles can choose raw materials that they trust. The materials used are real materials. According to the owners to provide room size and characteristics requirements for the owner of the overall furniture device action map.

Space and storage products have a fixed home scale and relatively low space utilization. It is possible that buying a home is not exactly the same as other furniture styles, or it may not be satisfactory for your desired storage function.

Custom home design freedom, small scale and constraints. Being able to make full use of the space in the room, especially in some corners or areas with beams, can integrate the fragmented spaces to make them more coordinated, intact, consistent and reconcile. In fact, this also saves space. Finish your requirements for any scale, shape, and material.

Moving and after-sale products are removable, most of which are fixed with fasteners and can be assembled freely. Some companies' after-sales services have reduced these concerns.