Furniture market trend: The potential of the elderly furniture market is huge

- May 31, 2018-

China is now entering an aging society, which means that in China, the elderly population will account for most of the proportion. Due to age and physical reasons, the elderly spend the longest time at home and is the family member who has the most contact with furniture. Therefore, for the elderly people to have a comfortable old age, they need a suitable set of furniture. However, in the market, many families do not actively mention the design of old people's homes during the renovation, and buyers on the market generally reflect that they want to buy special products suitable for the elderly, only in many “young” types. A needle in a haystack in the product.

The rest furniture such as beds and sofas tend to be soft, elastic, and other elements that only make young people feel comfortable. When seniors relax, they actually do not like the feeling of “deep in them” and are soft and soft. The beds and seats also have an adverse effect on the health of elderly waist and leg maintenance. When it comes to furniture for the elderly, many businesses only start from the material, color, and style, but rarely notice the true feelings of the elderly.

Chen Yizhong, a researcher at the China Academy of Social Sciences Research Center for Ageing, once said: “The information provided by relevant parties shows that at present, China’s elderly pensions, reemployment earnings, and financial support from relatives and friends can reach 3,000 to 400 billion yuan each year. In 2025 and 2050, the potential market purchasing power of the elderly is expected to reach 14,000 billion yuan and 500 billion yuan. It is indeed a big cake. It depends on how the furniture business 'eats' it.

Potential consumer demand is large

    Zhu Changling, vice chairman of the China Furniture Association and spokesman for the press, said in an interview with the media that most furniture manufacturers now focus on seizing the psychology and preferences of young impulsive consumers but neglecting a potential consumer power in the furniture consumer market. - old man. Excavation of this market will open another door of profit for furniture companies. At the same time, some furniture companies also expressed their optimism for the elderly furniture market, and some companies are already studying furniture suitable for the elderly.

China is a big consumer country, and it is also an ancient civilization. “Filialism” is also one of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Filial piety to parents and choosing a comfortable furniture for them is what many young people are willing to do for their parents. The elderly tailored furniture and created a furniture brand that focuses on elderly furniture. It is also a worthwhile thing for a furniture company. As China gradually enters an ageing society, savvy merchants are starting to pay attention to the product market for the elderly.

At present, the products on the furniture market do not have a good and in-depth study of the needs of the elderly. This is an opportunity to create product differentiation. From the feedback of many stores, the elderly furniture has begun to generate demand. The current elderly people have begun to have a tendency to share their lives with their children. When they buy furniture for the elderly, they tend to choose furniture products for the elderly. The use of safety, convenience and style is a major requirement for consumers to purchase elderly furniture.