Furniture factory which jobs will be replaced by robots?

- Jan 12, 2018-

According to the current level of development, larger robots to replace human still needs some time;And in the process of transformation, the new job will appear, for workers to adapt to the new job training will also increase.

The future is the world of artificial intelligence.
Recently, the McKinsey report says that by 2030 there will be four to 800 million people worldwide jobs will be replaced by robots and automation, automation of more than 375 million practitioners in a career change and learn new skills.Report also pointed out that the most vulnerable to the influence of automation are those in a predictable environment for physical activities of the type.Such as mechanical operation, data collection and processing, assistant affairs, accounting and background transaction processing and other jobs.

Artificial intelligence, or to save labor costs rising, artificial rising shortages of furniture manufacturing, helping them to remove "labor-intensive" hat.

Now talk about this topic would have to make a mountain out of a molehill, furniture factory, after all, still basically give priority to with manual operation, and are faced with a lot of sewing worker shortfall.Disappearing of demographic dividend, however, is reversed transmission with furniture company with internal and external resources on "automation".Robot has become a local government "grand opera", in zhejiang province, the government vigorously promote the transform and upgrade traditional manufacturing industry, put forward the implementation of the "+" robot action plan;In guangzhou, the paper puts forward to 2020 over more than 80% of the application of industrial robot and intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises;In foshan, government subsidies to support the robot enterprise, at present the city there are more than 300 intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises above designated size, emergence, schindler, jia teng, a batch of robot industry well-known enterprises such as the cedar;In dongguan, no. 2016 a government push 50 robot "smart" plan, promote enterprises to implement "substitution" machine automation project.

Artificial intelligence, or to save labor costs rising, artificial rising shortages of furniture manufacturing, helping them to remove "labor-intensive" hat.

Go in the first echelon of the enterprise, automatic and intelligent furniture, is gradually let the process automation: one is prone to volatile gas, leading to the occupational disease processes, such as spraying, replace the staff with robots, to achieve "zero volatile, zero - formaldehyde, zero pollution".Secondly, some key positions, such as in some factory, cutting, drilling, packaging, warehousing, etc., are all machines do hero, factory automation has amounted to more than 60%.

Furniture enterprise automation as a first step, is to comb the entire process of measure and weigh and application between robots and artificial benefit is poor, let some of the key working procedure to realize the automatic parts, thus greatly improve production efficiency, have the effect of the "four two dial the daughter";The second step is to speed up the information flow between the homework all process, such as raw materials and products of inbound, outbound, this process will be cut down a lot of functions, such as finance, HR, etc.And some of the post salary, automation, low cost and relatively high working procedure, the boss will not be able to quickly into the furniture "automation".