Furniture care matters

- Jun 27, 2018-

Furniture maintenance is very important, especially some wooden furniture. It often rains, and furniture should be avoided from being placed in front of the window to prevent it from getting wet in a rainy weather, from breaking up the appearance, and damaging it. In winter, every household in north China is born with heat. People are very comfortable with the heating, but the furniture is far away from the heating, so as to avoid the overheating of the wood and shortening of the wood, leading to cracking. What should you do in detail?

1. Avoid the wind

Many furniture are still afraid of the wind, especially with furniture such as tables and bins, which are affected by the “swelling and swelling” and are simply cracked and warped at the outlet.

2. Avoid the collapse of the case

There is a case called a shelf case. The case is long, thick and heavy. Its case is not integrated with the case, but it is detachable. The northern part is commonly known as "a piece of jade", and the south part is called "stem piece". It is popular in the late Qing Dynasty. People generally use it to put clumsy bells or rocks and bonsai.

As the items on the case are very stupid, the pressure on the case is very great. Both sides of the case are supported by the leg of the case, so it is not too strenuous, but the center of the case is vacant, and there is always the danger of collapse. In order to avoid this phenomenon, furniture fans remind you to turn the case every other year or six months. The slightly curved case will be restored by changing the direction of force.

3. The furniture on the south side is painted to prevent moisture

Due to the humid climate in the south, the exterior of the furniture is basically covered with a thin layer of lacquer to prevent moisture. The features of Su Zu Furniture are painted on the inside and outside, and are maintained inside and outside. Extensive furniture also rubbed a layer of paint. Painting is difficult for most people and can be done by professionals. Beijing hardwood furniture is not painted, only a layer of wax on the appearance. Due to the dull weather in the north, and no need to paint, and after the wax is waxed, the furniture undergoes repeated rubbings for a long time in the course of its use. The appearance of the wax penetrates into the wood and oxidation occurs and the pulp is formed. The appearance of the furniture that has become covered with pulp cannot be affected by boiling water, nor can it stick to highly soluble liquids.

Such as gasoline, otherwise it will damage the pulp.

4. How to maintain the desktop

There is a saying that goes well: "Cold tea cannot be cooked on a cold table." This sentence can be said to be adapted to the wooden nature, because the ambient temperature of the stored furniture cannot be quenched and heated. For example, furniture with a stone surface (such as tables, screens, etc.) can not be placed outdoors in the winter, summer can not be placed in the sun, to avoid cracking.

The oil on the desktop can be scrubbed with alcohol. If there is no alcohol, it can be wiped with a high white spirit. This is a common method used by large families in Beijing.

5. Adhere to boring, deal with seasonal

In areas where the four seasons change significantly, the maintenance of furniture is extremely sophisticated. For example, afterwards, in the spring and autumn, the weather changes from dryness to dryness, and the door should be opened and the drawer should be opened so that the table and the furniture can be kept in sync with the wind, avoiding being overly boring or overly moist. song.

However, when passing through the wind, furniture should not be exposed to the sun or the wind, should be placed in a cool, dry place. Because excessive sunlight will harm the material of wooden furniture and cause cracking or warping of the wood, it is necessary to ensure that the ancient furniture does not suffer from sunlight, and together they insist on moderate dullness.

6. Waxing makes the furniture shine

If the furniture is used for a long time, the gloss will gradually disappear and affect the beauty. Waxing should be noted that it should be carried out after thoroughly dusting the dust, otherwise it will constitute a wax spot, or constitute a wear and scratch. When waxing, it is necessary to grasp the rules from shallow to deep, from the point to the face, and step by step to wax evenly.