Four kinds of commonly used Guiyang fabric sofa fabric types and characteristics

- Dec 28, 2017-

1, flannel

Flannel fabric sofa soft texture, feel smooth and flexible. From the past corduroy to now the suede, velvet cling to the fashion trend, from the vulgar and elegant non-stop transformation. Relative to other fabric fabrics, velvet fabric prices slightly more expensive.

2, cotton

Cotton fabric sofa breathable better, close to the skin and natural environmental protection. Cotton's heat resistance and alkali resistance makes the cotton fabric sofa is not easy to be damaged in the cleaning or cleaning process.


3, blended

Cotton fabric and synthetic fiber fabric sofa can be presented with silk, or flannel, or linen visual effects. In recent years, with the differentiation of chemical fibers and blended fibers, the rise of blended fabrics and the improvement of dyeing and finishing processes, the soft feel and the high simulation effect of fabric sofas of blended fabrics can almost be confused.