Foot bath sofa new concept, leading the new trend of foot bath sofa

- Jun 04, 2018-

Foot bath sofa can be divided according to the fabric: leather foot bath sofa and fabric foot bath sofa two. Nowadays, high-end foot bath sofas and the back of the back are mostly made of nylon belts and serpentine spring cross-braided structure, and the above layered layers are covered with high-elastic foam, sprayed cotton and light body foam. This cushion is resilient and comfortable. Mid-range sofas are mostly made of rubber-laminated fiberboards for the seat and the back of the back. The foot baths are layered with medium-density foam and spray-bonded cotton. The foot bath sofa can also be divided into double and single seats. Special needs can be selected combination method, in the foot sauna sauna is usually placed in a single position, according to their own needs, to buy a foot bath sofa suitable for their own store, under normal circumstances, single foot bath sofa width 80- 100 cm in. The foot bath sofa is not only beautiful and practical, but it is not only limited to use in the foot bath house. In the cold winter, there are not a few families who purchase a foot bath sofa. They hope that this winter home can be more comfortable and warm.

Healthy foot bath sofa elements and material descriptions are divided into: foot bath sofa frame: general domestic common material is pine wood, rather than old wood, wet wood, miscellaneous wood and so on. The color of the footbath sofa is not only considered from the footbath sofa itself, but more importantly from the foot bath sofa and the overall coordination of other colors in the home, so that the entire home space can burst into a stylish light.

The red background wall can be selected from the retro original color leather foot bath sofa, the green wall is selected from the English style leather foot bath sofa with pull buckle, and the purple background wall is suitable for the white white leather foot bath sofa. Light-colored foot bath sofas with dark color pillows or dark sofas with light-colored pillows, foot bath sofas and pillows above them use contrasting colors or similar colors are feasible, the focus is not more than three colors, to avoid visually cluttered results.