Foot bath sofa cleaning knowledge

- Jun 11, 2018-

The armrests and seat cushions of the footbath sofa are particularly prone to dirt and can be placed on a sofa towel. Cloth sofa is easy to deposit dust, so regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and other tools is inevitable, but you can not brush the head close to the fabric, so as not to dirty but stay on the fabric or the thread hooked. Usually use a dry towel to beat at least once a week.

The fabric of the foot bath sofa is not as good as the leather foot bath sofa, and it is best to avoid sitting in the same position. If you find a loose end, you can't tear it off by hand and use a pair of scissors to cut it neatly. If it is a removable mat, it is best to flip it once a week to even out the wear. Most of the lining cushions are separated by hand and machine washed, and should be identified to the furniture manufacturer. Because some of them may have special washing requirements, velvet furniture must not be exposed to water and dry cleaning agents should be used.

When the fabric surface is stained with stains, use a clean cloth to wipe the water from the outside to the inside, or use a fabric cleaner according to instructions. Avoid sweat, water and dust on the foot bath. Clean it about six months or so. If it is soiled, you can use a foot bath sofa or a special carpet cleaner. Use a clean white cloth to dip a small amount of medicine and wipe it repeatedly at the dirty place until the stain is removed. Do not scrub it with plenty of water to prevent water from penetrating into the inner layer of the sofa. Inside the frame damp, deformation, shrink sofa fabric, affecting the overall appearance of the sofa. If there is a large area of stains, professional fabric sofa cleaning team should be invited to serve you.

At present, in the foot bath sofa furniture market, fabric foot bath sofa has become the dominant, in particular, represented by American fabric sofa, American fabric foot bath sofa with its strict structure, elegant materials, scientific design, elegant creativity and wide comfort. Being favored, has become the mainstream of the sofa market. How do you clean your upscale fabric sofa when it is dirty? You can use sofa or carpet special cleaners, use a clean white cloth dipped in a small amount of medicine, repeatedly wipe in the dirty place, until remove stains, do not scrub a lot of water, so as not to infiltrate the water inside the sofa, resulting in the frame inside the sofa damp, deformation, sofa Cloth shrinks, affecting the overall appearance of the sofa. If there is a large area of stains, professional fabric foot bath sofa cleaning team should be invited to serve you. High-grade fabric sofas should be cleaned every 10 months or so under normal conditions to keep the fabric sofa clean. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of fabric sofas at ordinary times and pay attention to regular vacuuming and moisture protection. The armrests and seat cushions on the sofa are easy to be dirty, and sofa towels can be put on them.