Five principles for selecting office chairs

- Jun 21, 2018-

The office family is sitting on the office chair almost during work hours, and it can be known that office chairs are also selected.

How to pick the office chair is the healthiest?

Pick the wheel

The wheel of an office chair bears most of your weight, must be firm, strong, and flexible, so try to pick a metal wheel; sit and try to slide it, you can't "astringe" or be unstable. The


Pick the chair up to the highest point, and then put it down a bit, if the chair suddenly dropped to the end, there is no rebound, indicating that the quality of the air pump is not good enough, the chair's height adjustment function is not very good. The

Pick up board

The sitting board must conform to the curve of the human buttocks and thighs. A chair that is too flat and rigid will damage the spine, and a chair that is too soft and whose sponge is too thick will affect the blood circulation of the legs. The

Pick back

The backrest of the chair should be supported at the waist, and it should have elasticity and toughness. The office chair with adjustable backrest angle is ideal. The

Pick height

Choose a chair with a headrest or high back that will allow the cervical spine to be fully supported and rested.