Five electric sofa purchase considerations

- May 24, 2018-

As people pay more and more attention to health care, the newly developed baths, health museums, and foot-washing cities have sprung up. The better the decoration, the more meticulous the store is. The more careful it is to buy an electric sofa, the more demanding it is. Price and quality, how to choose a cost-effective electric sofa, the following Xuan Yi furniture ( to give you one by one to do the explanation.


First, fabric

  The choice of electric sofa fabrics not only to the naked eye, but also to touch the hand to feel, look at the good fabric looks more moist, and feels very comfortable to feel. The fabric feels heavier.

Second, sponge

   Good quality electric sofas are more comfortable whether sitting or sleeping, lying on top to relax, and the sponge's resilience is also better.

Third, the framework

 Electric sofa frames are generally steel-wood structures. Among them, the steel frame is very important. The load of the electric sofa and the firmness of the electric sofa structure all play a decisive role with the steel frame. The better the steel frame, the thicker the pipe wall and the smoother the welding point. In terms of wood, the wood used for the electric sofa is divided into two types: square wood and scrap. When visiting the factory site, we can see whether the wood used is the raw material, and the wood is relatively thick. And no node. Using the material, the nail force is good and the wooden frame is firm.

Fourth, the motor

 The quality of the motor determines whether or not the bed can be lifted, and the load on the motor is also very important. The good motor load can reach 400 kilograms. The voltage adaption range is also very important, because the voltage is not controllable, and the range of application is large. Greatly avoid the occurrence of failures. Xuan Yi furniture motor can adapt to the voltage range of 100 volts to 260 volts.

Fifth, packaging

   Manufacturers will use the packaging bag and the standard packaging such as Zhenzhumian before the products leave the factory. If they are shipped for a long distance, they will also strengthen the package, including blankets and wooden frames, to ensure that the roads are not damaged.