First Class Sofa Knowledge Introduction

- May 24, 2018-

The first class sofa is named like a first class sofa because its structure is like the first class seat of an airplane. Because of the versatility of first-class sofas, the price is higher than that of ordinary home sofas. There are two types of fabrics: leather and fabric.

Single-class first-class sofa size: 1000 * 1000 * 1000mm, can be divided into two kinds of electric and manual adjustment method. The operating principle of the electric first-class cabin sofa, after the sofa is energized, the lift of the sofa backrest and the front footrest can be controlled by the up and down adjustment buttons on the handle. When the backrest is flat, the front footrest baffle rises. As the backrest rises, the footrest flap slowly retracts. It can be used as a sofa bed when opened, and it can be used as a sofa when it is opened. It is simple and practical. The manual adjustment is performed by a hydraulic lifter and does not require plugging in. Its working principle is roughly the same as that of a car seat.

     The first-class sofa was first used in the home environment. Nowadays, due to the progress of society and the continuous improvement of people's requirements for quality of life, such multifunctional sofas have also been gradually used in public entertainment places such as Internet cafes, clubs and bathing centers. .