Finished furniture and custom furniture comparison

- Aug 10, 2018-

1. Market share

Finished furniture is more common in the market, and it is still the mainstream of the market, because it has a variety of styles and styles, in line with the decorative requirements of the public family, the scope of choice is relatively wide. However, custom furniture has a certain advantage in the market and needs to be developed. It is not mature enough in China, and it is limited in the selection of materials, style, crafts and space applications.

2, the price level

The finished furniture adopts large-scale professional production, the output and the new rate are higher, the cost is relatively lower, so the price will be correspondingly lower, and the customized furniture needs to be constantly adjusted and modified in order to meet the exclusive needs of consumers, and the cost is high. And the high-end custom-made furniture will use the same high-grade materials, and the price will naturally be high. In addition, the price of furniture will also be affected by the difference in construction period. Finished furniture is much shorter than the custom furniture and the delivery period, and the price will be cheaper.

3. Choose difficulty level

The finished furniture is already a well-produced furniture, and the effect to be expressed can be fully displayed according to the nature of the product. Consumers can also see it more clearly when purchasing, and it is convenient to make judgments. Custom furniture can try to choose products that suit your preferences, but since the final effect needs to be presented after the construction is completed, it is more difficult to make choices in the early stage.