Factors affecting the amount of formaldehyde in office furniture

- Jun 21, 2018-

Whether it is purchasing office furniture or home, people are most concerned about whether it is environmental protection materials, formaldehyde content is not exceeded. Because the formaldehyde content of office furniture is the number one killer of people's health. The formaldehyde emission concentration of office furniture is proportional to the time after production, and should be placed for a period of time before use, and placed in a high-temperature, high-humidity environment during aging to accelerate the emission of formaldehyde to reduce the pollution in the future.

What are the factors that affect the amount of formaldehyde in office furniture?

Affect the amount of formaldehyde in office furniture:

1. Carrier rate

The so-called load-bearing ratio refers to the ratio of the surface area of indoor furniture exposed to the air to the volume of the room. The greater the loading rate, the higher the formaldehyde concentration. Therefore, when the functions are basically satisfied, the number of office furniture in the interior space should be reduced as much as possible, thereby reducing formaldehyde emission in the office furniture.

2. Decoration method

The sealing effect of formaldehyde on the surface of office furniture is obvious. In the specific implementation process, attention should be paid to the use of low-formaldehyde release adhesives, various decorative materials and coatings, and reasonable processes to ensure that no formaldehyde is released after decoration.

 3. Use environment

The use of the environment has a great influence on formaldehyde emissions from office furniture. Temperature, humidity, and ventilation all affect formaldehyde emissions. Under normal climatic conditions, when the temperature is increased by 8°C, the concentration of formaldehyde in the air will be doubled; when the humidity is increased by 12%, the formaldehyde emission will increase by about 15%. Therefore, under the premise of conditions, air conditioners and fresh air system devices can be used to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity and the amount of fresh air, so that the distribution of formaldehyde can be properly controlled.

4. The proliferation approach

It is worth emphasizing that the importance of edge sealing of plate office furniture. When designing office furniture, thin plates can be used as much as possible, provided the strength and structure are satisfied.