European sofa purchase knowledge

- May 24, 2018-

The so-called European sofa is the European style sofa, the British STVILLA Setviera, Italy SILK SiLi and other imported brands sofa can be used as a representative. The biggest feature of the European style sofa is the exquisite hand-cut carving. The contours and turning parts are composed of symmetrical and rhythmic curves or curved surfaces. The gold-plated copper ornaments are decorated. The structure is concise, the lines are smooth, the colors are rich, and the artistic feeling is given. People feel very dignified, luxurious and elegant. The average European-style sofa will be higher than the average civilian sofa, and we should pay more attention to some details when we purchase.


     First choose the style of the European sofa to consider the main purpose and the number of furniture at home to buy, generally less people can choose European style sofa, look more comfortable and comfortable, there is a sense of relief; if more people at home, You can choose a sofa combination, giving a sense of orderliness and a sense of belonging. Second, pay attention to the details of the sofa when shopping. Sometimes you will feel that the price of two similar sofas is not the same as the marriage furniture. The details of the purchase of European style sofas are actually very important. The higher the detail, the more refined the sofas are. The higher the price, the more they can demonstrate the elegant taste and also reflect the owner's taste. Therefore, you must not forget the details when purchasing a European style sofa. . After the final selection of styles, it depends on the texture of the fabric. When selecting a European style sofa, it is important to pay attention to texture, and the overall texture is very important. If the fabric and texture are poor, the overall effect will be counterproductive, not only does not bring out an elegant feeling, but will affect the entire home environment.

    In recent years, European-style decoration styles have become more and more choices for people who are pursuing taste. Indeed, even if they do not decorate their homes into European styles, some families also like to purchase two exotic furniture that are placed at home. It should be noted that European-style furniture has obvious appearance characteristics. It has high requirements for large-scale layouts, small-scale wallpapers, chandeliers, and decorative paintings. If it is difficult to grasp the rules, it will be easy to make homes "not to soil." , Yangyangbuyang." Therefore, the purchase of European-style sofa still need to be cautious.