Environmental protection concept of furniture custom factory

- Jun 22, 2018-

Humanity includes the wealthy class, the middle class, the working class and the laid-off workers; it includes both modern and future generations. Planning can't just be part of satisfaction, can't just be satisfied with the planning of the interests of this group of people, and not be satisfied with the planning of another part of the interests; or not satisfied with the other part of the benefits and harm the interests of the other part; perhaps it is only beneficial for today and is harmful Future benefits. Here, we should focus on the analysis of the green job furniture plan for people's specific requirements.

Safety and health characteristics, people will not be caused by the use of furniture products in the mind and the physical health and safety damage. Instead of simply seeking profits, we use low-quality materials with poor environmental protection, and use inferior technologies to produce inferior furniture, resulting in excessive levels of formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, soluble heavy metal compounds, radioactive elements, and heavy metals; together, we do not cause weight-bearing components due to cutting corners. Cracking causes furniture to be safe and healthy for humans.

Efficient features, planning principles for ergonomics, reconciliation of the three elements in arriving people, furniture, and the environment. Combining human body norms, muscular sports talents, to study the orientation, norms, angles, and dynamic habits of furniture on the human support points, and strive to use the human physiological characteristics, and then reduce the loss of time and effort to reduce the power. The power here also includes the difference between the operating power and the ambient power, the function of the furniture, the more changes, and the smaller occupancy of the space and the indoor environment, such as the detachable, foldable, movable furniture, and the set. Reading, writing, computer, telephone, fax, lighting and other functions used for a multi-purpose furniture.

The comfort feature is based on people. It not only pays attention to the satisfaction of people's physiological functions, but also pays more attention to the satisfaction and caring care of people's mind and heart. Any furniture plan has comfort requirements. Along with this, from the perspective of the mind, it will be pleasing to the eye to reflect the nation, the times, and the regional characteristics, and to show that the personal quality and human energy are beautifully structured, reasonable in structure, and soft in color. This will double the feeling of warmth, quietness and comfort. Otherwise, visual pollution will cause people's mood irritability, and they will have symptoms such as energy, fatigue, memory, attention, and decreased self-control talent.

Making the use of office furniture last longer, so that the consumption of natural resources will be less. In industrial societies, commercial competition has led to the dregs of social resources and environmental damage: through planning, products have been continuously refurbished, and then the cycle of product use has been greatly shortened, forcing consumers to continuously purchase new products and discarding old ones. Combining the inherent commercial and environmental benefits of planning with the planning level and value of traveling furniture, extending the life span of furniture products with more concise and long-lasting shapes, civilized connotations, and ornamental values.