Electric sofa use matters needing attention

- May 28, 2018-

1. Reasonable placement

         The placement of the electric sofa is a very important part. The floor must be kept flat. After the furniture is placed, it can be placed on the ground. Because if the electric sofa is swaying for a long time, the force of each part is uneven, which will cause the fasteners to loosen and stick together. Part of the plastic, affecting the life of electric sofa.

2. Prevent sun exposure

        When the electric sofa (www.021sofa.com) is placed, it is generally best not to choose a place near the window and avoid direct sunlight. Because if the electric sofa receives exposure for a long time, fades, cracks, and peeling may occur. If the space restrictions can not be moved, you can use curtains or blinds to protect the electric sofa from damage.

3. Clean in time

        During the use of the electric sofa, dust often falls, so it is necessary to clean the electric sofa frequently to keep the surface clean. When cleaning, it is best to use pure cotton products as a rag, lightly wipe the surface of the floating sinking, the surface of the electric sofa treated with paint, to avoid the use of alcohol and other solvents to wipe, you can use colorless furniture polish wax uniform electric sofa Surface, increase the gloss of the electric sofa.

4. Avoid moisture

        The dry humidity in the room should be kept at a stable level of silicone. When using a humidifier, be careful not to directly align the electric sofa with the spray. Because moisture will make metal fittings rust, wood decay, adhesive part of the plastic, so when wiping the electric sofa, do not wash directly with water, do not use too wet cloth, it is best to use a damp cloth gently wipe.

5. Keep away from heat

        Place the electric sofa away from gas, heating pipes, electric heaters and other heat sources, so as to avoid the long time, after the electric sofa is heated, the moisture of the sofa evaporates too quickly, which causes the cracking of the paint surface of the electric sofa, the peeling of the leather sofa and the discoloration of the electric sofa. .