Eight frequently encountered problems in sofa selection process

- Jun 09, 2018-

In fact, consumers are very particular about the process of selecting sofas. Many consumers lack the expertise to understand the sofa. Therefore, many questions are often asked during the purchase process. There are eight key issues that are often encountered.

One, sofa style

When choosing a sofa, avoid seeing a beautiful sofa in the shop and buy it right away. Buy it back and found it in a very nice style in the model room. It was awkward to put it in your own home. When choosing a sofa, be sure to pay attention to the harmonious style of the sofa style and overall decoration style. Compared with the basic decoration of the home, the sofa also functions as a set of environment in addition to its functions. Therefore, the style and color of the sofa must be consistent with the main colors of home decoration and decoration.

Second, the size of the sofa

When choosing sofas on the market, you will find that there are many sizes of sofas, and there are thousands of them. Brand sofa shops generally have exhibition halls to showcase their products. It should be noted that the exhibition hall gives us a wide sense of visual sense. If you only use the naked eye to estimate the size of the sofa, it will often produce a large deviation, and then there will be such a situation. The sofa that is bought back is too large. It becomes overcrowded; the sofa is small and the overall space is out of balance. Therefore, when choosing a sofa, in order to avoid being misled by the wide exhibition hall, you should first understand the area of your living room or bedroom, and then choose the right sofa.

Third, family life habits

In addition, when you look at the sofa, you must fully consider the family’s usual lifestyle habits. For example, the old man likes to read newspapers on the sofa, children like to eat snacks on the sofa, and young people like to drink coffee when watching TV. In this case, You can choose to open the sofa with the armrests in one, or choose a sofa with a movable shelf. Use open shelves or shelf storage to save space and facilitate life. The small-sized living room is not allowed in the space. In particular, we can learn from it.

Fourth, the depth of the sofa

Back is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. The depth of the sofa directly determines whether people feel comfortable. The common size of sofas on the market is 95 cm. This kind of diameter is suitable for people whose height is less than 1.7 meters. Those with a height of 1.7 meters or more must choose a sofa with a depth of 105 centimeters, which can completely relieve the tension on the back. . If you are a young man with a lot of work pressure, you can choose a large and deep sofa, such as the Boloni sofa will be deepened to 125 cm, so that your entire body can be completely relaxed into the sofa.

Fifth, the bearing capacity of the sofa

The bearing capacity of the sofa determines the service life of the sofa, and the frame of the sofa directly determines the bearing capacity of the sofa. To choose a durable sofa, we must first see whether the frame of the sofa is durable and not easily changeable. The frame of the sofa must be selected in solid wood, and in the solid wood frame, it is the first choice for the import of eucalyptus. Sofa main frames made of eucalyptus can be used for at least 6 years, which is unmatched by ordinary wood.

Sixth, the resilience of the sofa

If there are children at home, the family usually pays attention to the family who jumps around on the sofa. When choosing a sofa, consider whether the sofa is easily deformed. In the traditional sofa frame, only the snake spring is generally used. Such a sofa is easily deformed and collapsed after being used for a period of time, thereby affecting the beauty and use of the sofa. Now the sofa with better resilience is generally combined with a serpentine spring and a bandage so that the firmness and resilience of the sofa can be doubled. Even if your child is jumping around on the sofa, the seat cushion is not easily deformed.

Seven, did not consider the comfort of the cushion

Excessively soft sofas are not suitable for the normal sitting and lying of the human body and will have a certain influence on the human body's spine. Nowadays, comfortable sofas on the market use new seat cushions made of sponges and duvets. At the bottom of the sofa's frame, first layers of sponges with different resilience are laid in order to take care of the seat cushions evenly during use, and the sponge is added with down. The composition, in this way, can solve the problem of the soft or hard side of the traditional sofa cushion technology, and the newly added such down can satisfy the needs of the human body while satisfying the bearing weight of the sofa.

Eight, did not consider the sofa's wear and washability

If there are elderly people and children in the family, choose sofa fabrics that are resistant to dirt and wear. In addition to leather fabrics, suede and twill fabrics are the first choice. This material has a delicate feel similar to animal fur. Its combination of latitude and longitude lines has high density, wear resistance and is not easily deformed. With a strong waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-oil, anti-tearing function, it is very suitable for families with pets. At the same time when purchasing a sofa, you can also order a set of sofa sets for easy removal and cleaning.