Eco-friendly restaurant furniture gives you a healthy home seating experience

- May 31, 2018-

Eco-friendly restaurant furniture refers to those furniture that is based on the ecological industry, and that is reasonably developed and made use of natural materials to meet the specific needs of users, is beneficial to the health of users, and has a very high cultural heritage and technological content. It contains several layers of meanings: First, the furniture itself is non-polluting, non-toxic; Second, it must have a higher artistic content and aesthetic function, echo with the interior design, create a harmonious and beautiful home office environment; Third, easy recycling, processing, Reuse, when the furniture is no longer used for processing, will not cause pollution to the environment. The formaldehyde emission of restaurant furniture in the national standard must be ≤1.5mg/L to be qualified. As long as the impact on the human body within this range is negligible.

   When choosing restaurant furniture, choose a furniture mall with higher credit or better after-sales service. If it is a restaurant sofa, do not choose the appearance of fabric is too bright, but also look at the internal filler. Ask the shopping guide if there are inspection results of the quality inspection department, especially the detection results of formaldehyde. Whether smelling a pungent odor or not. Furniture that is covered with thin wood and other materials should be flat and flat, and no glue or glue must be allowed. The paint film on the furniture surface should be smooth and bright, and the interior of the product and other unpainted parts should be kept clean. Be sure to save the instruction manual or invoice for use in disputes. If the sofa poses a hazard to the body during use, it should promptly complain to the quality supervision department.

   It is worth noting that the smell commonly used by people is not the only effective method. There are also some misunderstandings about the odor emitted from restaurant furniture. Because it is not odorous furniture, it must be toxic, and restaurant furniture without smell can not explain it. It is entirely produced from pollution-free and pollution-free raw materials.