Classification of different standard furniture(Part 2)

- Apr 14, 2018-

In the above, we introduced the details of the classification of furniture according to the use of functions and furniture materials. Next, we will introduce the classification of furniture according to the structure and use characteristics:

3. According to the structural form

According to the different structure, the furniture can be divided into traditional frame structure furniture, panel furniture, disassembly furniture, bracket furniture, inflatable furniture and so on.

Traditional furniture adopts a framed eye-opening structure, which is characterized by the fact that the frame plays a role of load-bearing, while the panel only plays a role of enclosing. This kind of furniture is not very convenient to make and use, and it is bulky, lacks flexibility and variability, and can no longer meet the needs of modern life in many aspects.

Panel furniture is made by splicing all kinds of different specifications of sheets with adhesives or special connectors. Among them, the boards are mostly fine wood boards or chipboards, honeycomb paper boards and the like. These plates serve as both containment and load bearing. It is characterized by wood conservation, simple structure, flexible combination, simple modelling, full sense of the times, and easy implementation of mechanized and automated production.

Dismantling furniture refers to furniture that is easier to disassemble and more flexible than panel furniture that is connected with hardware connectors. For example, a detachable sofa is composed of several pieces of wooden boards with notches. When assembling, simply insert the boards through the slots and put on the upper cushion to assemble a new and comfortable one. Sofa. When not in use, it can be turned into a few planks and sponge mats in a simple manner. It can be stored, carried or transported in a cardboard box. The shape of the parts for dismantling and assembling the furniture is very simple and it is easy to implement mechanized production.

Folding furniture is characterized by opening when in use, when not used to close, small size, small footprint, mobile, accumulation, transportation, storage are very convenient, suitable for narrow family homes in China. There are many types of folding furniture, such as folding tables, folding chairs, folding chairs, and folding beds.

Scaffolding furniture is a light and concise piece of furniture made of metal brackets or wooden brackets and shelves. It can be hung on the wall, but also on the ground, but the common feature is close to the wall, can be freely developed in the vertical height, thus occupying a small room space, but also play a role in enriching the walls and space. In addition, the number and spacing of shelves can be adjusted as needed, which is very convenient and flexible to use.

In addition, there is a unique appearance and function of inflatable furniture, and a variety of rigid plastic furniture and foam plastic furniture molded with a special mold.

4. According to the use of points

According to different characteristics of use, furniture can be divided into packaged furniture, combination furniture, multi-purpose furniture and fixed furniture.

Set furniture is to meet the overall needs of the user, in order to pursue a unified overall effect of design, production and living room furniture. Its characteristic is to make each single piece of furniture on the basis of satisfying their respective functions, in the scale, color, line foot and decoration have obvious common points, in order to produce a harmonious and consistent beauty.

The combination furniture is a series of furniture which is composed of a number of standard parts or furniture units. Commonly, there are combination cabinets, combination sofas, furniture combinations using standard modular cabinets, cabinets, tables, chairs and the like with a unified module. The advantages of a combination cabinet are its small footprint, multiple storage items, multiple functional changes and diversified forms. It is loved by the majority of families in our country. At present, the combination furniture produced in China has practically less flexibility in assembly, and it is far from meeting the requirements of truly flexible combination. If we can reduce the number of furniture units that we use to combine, and even shrink to a board with a uniform modulus, we can combine whatever we want. This is probably a future direction of development.

Multi-purpose furniture is a piece of furniture with two or more functions at the same time. For example, a sofa bed for a day and a night and a table with a storage and writing function. It is characterized by its flexible use and space saving, which is of great use for a small area home.

Fixed furniture refers to furniture that is fixed on the building structure and cannot be moved freely. Such as hanging cabinets and shelves in the kitchen. It can not only meet the requirements of storage, furnishings and decoration, but also make full use of space, save the use of space, and enhance the overall sense of the environment.