Classification of different standard furniture (part 1)

- Apr 14, 2018-

There are many types of furniture, according to different standards can be divided into different categories of furniture. In this issue, we mainly introduce the classification of furniture according to the use of functions and furniture materials:

1. Classified by function

According to the different relationship between the human body and the furniture, the furniture can be divided into three categories: sitting furniture, storage furniture and relying furniture.

The sitting furniture is in direct contact with the human body and plays the role of supporting the human body, such as chairs, stools, sofas, and beds. Its main function is to adapt to people's work or rest, and should make people sit comfortably, sleep peacefully, and improve work efficiency.

Storage furniture has an indirect relationship with people and plays a role of storing goods or serving as a space divider, such as cupboards, cabinets, and shelves. Its main function is to facilitate the storage and retrieval of various items and the convenience of keeping them.

Reliable furniture has a direct relationship with people. It plays a role in supporting human activities and supporting objects, such as tables, tables, and tables. Its main function is to meet and adapt to the height of the auxiliary plane necessary for people to stand or sit, or to double as storage space for articles.

2. Classified by furniture material

According to different materials, the furniture can be divided into wooden furniture, bamboo furniture, rattan furniture, soft furniture, plastic furniture and metal frame furniture.

Wooden furniture is the most commonly used, its main features are rich shapes, pure color, clear and rich texture, small thermal conductivity, and a certain degree of flexibility and breathability.

In addition to the main features of wooden furniture, bamboo furniture also has the characteristics of being elegant, clean, cool and cool, and is often used in hot climates in the south.

Rattan furniture is elegant in color, fresh and pleasant, light in structure, diverse in style, with a curvaceous style, easy to meet ergonomic requirements, unique local flavor and natural charm.

Soft furniture mainly refers to the upholstered box-spring beds, sofas and sofa chairs. Its function is to increase the contact surface between the human body and the furniture, reduce the pressure on the unit area of the human body, avoid or reduce the soreness caused by the excessive concentration of stress in some parts of the human body, and help people to adjust the posture when sitting, so that When people sit and relax, they relax and adapt to the physical structure of the human body.

Plastic furniture is a product of modern industry. It has the advantages of simple technology (can be molded once or stamped and formed), light weight, bright colors, novelty, gracefulness, and low price. It has a promising future.

Metal frame furniture is composed of metal skeleton and wood, glass, plastic or marble plates. It is simple, lightweight, flexible and modern.