Desk and chair standards

- Mar 30, 2018-

1. Definition of desks and chairs.

Table and chair, the name of the class, is a kind of desk and chair for students, also called students desks and chairs.

2. Classification of desks and chairs.

According to the age group: kindergarten desks and chairs, elementary school students desks and chairs, middle school students desks and chairs, college students desks and chairs;

According to the function: divided into fixed desks and chairs and chairs and chairs;

According to the material to divide: cent wooden desk chair, plastic desk chair and steel wooden desk chair.

3. Quality requirements of desks and chairs.

Plastic desk and chair requirements:

Raw materials should be used in raw materials: polyethylene or polypropylene.

The product appearance and inner table and children's finger can reach the place should not have burr and sharp corners.

Table and chair should balance, its maximum deviation should not exceed 2mm.

Comply with the requirements set out in Q1095.

After the test of the strength and durability of the table and chair, the joints are not allowed to loosen.

The parts are not allowed to split.

Table and chair stability test results require not to be overturned.

Environmental requirements: ISO: 14001-2004.

National compulsory safety certification (3C certification).

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