Definition of sofa size

- Jun 15, 2018-

Definition of sofa size Internationally, the definition of sofa size is width * depth * height instead of length * width * height in mm.

One, width

The width refers to the maximum distance from the left to the right of the sofa, the outer circumference of the two armrests, which is the “length” of the sofa in the usual sense, and the width refers to the width of the armrests on both sides.

Available formulas can be expressed as: seat width = width - arm width * 2

The single, double, and triple sofas are determined based on the width and the width of the seat, because these two data determine the seat length of the sofa.

Second, depth

The depth refers to the maximum distance of the sofa from the back to the back, including the backrest, which is commonly referred to as "width". The seat depth refers to the depth of the backrest.

Available formulas can be expressed as: seat depth = depth - backrest thickness

Due to the requirements of the style, the depth of the sofa is 800-1000, and the seat depth is 550-700. However, some friends like the deeper sofa because they feel relaxed when they sit up. But the depth cannot be too great.

1 have to take into account the style;

2 If the depth is too great, the human body can hardly reach the back of the sofa;

3 If the sofa edge just falls on the middle of the calf, it will affect the comfort level.

Third, the height

Height refers to the maximum distance from the ground floor to the highest point of the couch, which is the same concept as the usual "high", and the seat height refers to the distance from the ground to the seat surface.

The seat height of European and American large sofas will be between 430-470. The reason for Asians' height is basically between 40-45. As for the total height, it is better to combine the style of the entire sofa. It is best not to change at will. .