Decoration style - elements of Jane European style

- Mar 21, 2018-

        NO 1.Furniture

        Furniture of Jane European style should be coordinated with the details of basis decorate , you can choose some dark red or white furnitures with western retro patterns,line and westernized modelling . solid wood table and chair should have refined curve and pattern construction . 

        NO 2.Wall paper

        When decorating, you can choose some distinctive wall paper decorate a room . For example, those theme wall paper having Bible story and persons is the typical European style. Stripes and flowers are also common in north American style.

        NO 3.Lamps and lanterns

        The choice of shiny steel lamps is a big flop, because it's just simply not coordinated with Jane's style . Besides ,  it's best not to have a gorgeous crystal chandelier. And it is better to choose those thata exterior lines or the light is downy , an iron art branch lamp may be a good choice, having a bit of modelling and simplicity.

        NO 4.Color

        When it comes to color , the priority usually be given to white and light color in Jane's style  , while the furniture can in white or dark color . Just one thing to remember , all things should be coordinated . Meanwhile , fabric's material and texture also play a vital role , linen and canvas fabrics are not suitable, silk fabrics will appear more noble.

        NO 5.Carpet

        Carpets play a important role in Jane's style . These carpets with comfortable feeling and elegant texture and western-style furniture can be complementary to each other . when choosing carpet, it is better to choose some that pattern and color is relatively elegant .