Decided to fabric sofa quality factors

- Dec 28, 2017-

Sofa fabric can be divided into domestic and imported, Europe and the United States specializing in the production of sofa-specific fabric quality, minimal color, high color fastness, non-weft fabric oblique, in particular, some high-grade fabric to improve anti-fouling ability, the surface also Special treatment. Imports of high-grade fabric also has anti-static, flame retardant and other functions.

Because the sofa has a filler inside, so the cloth is close, smooth, very stiff, very important, two armrests and seat, with or without the back fold junction should be carefully examined.

If it is a flower pattern or checkered fabric, then look at the stitching at the flower pattern is consistent with the grid without tilt or distortion. Workmanship is both good and bad quality assurance is the guarantee of quality, the structure of the sofa plays a decisive role.

Sofa is mainly the framework of the structure, the structure of a solid and reasonable design will have a direct impact on the quality of the sofa and the use of functions, so the choice of fabric sofa should first look at the overall structure is solid, is there any loose, ergonomic design, election When the purchase can sit on the sofa feel it is stable, the angle is reasonable, whether it has a sense of comfort.