Daily maintenance method for office conference table

- Jul 21, 2018-

Daily maintenance method for office conference table


In recent years, the office conference table has become the main product of office furniture procurement. Because of its diverse design and simpler and more fashionable, it is quite popular among young workers. Then, in our daily work, how do we maintain office conference tables and office furniture? Below, Shenzhen office furniture manufacturers - century-old Siyuan to tell everyone about the maintenance methods of office furniture.

1. Usually, office people come and go, and there is dust in the air. After a long time, the office conference table furniture is likely to be exposed to dust. We can use clean soft cotton regularly to not wipe off the surface dust to achieve the cleaning effect. .

2. If you encounter office furniture to form dirt, do not use alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents to remove stains, to avoid deleting the surface of office furniture. At the same time, don't rub the surface hard. We can gently wipe the stain with warm tea. After the surface moisture is completely evaporated and dried, you can use a little light wax in the original part, evenly wipe it several times to make it A protective film is formed.

3, to avoid putting hard objects on the table top on the office furniture, especially keychains, knives and other items that are easy to scratch the table. When wiping and cleaning, be careful not to let the cleaning tools touch the furniture and avoid damage to the office furniture.

Then, when the office conference table and office furniture are stained, how to remove it?

1, oil stains:

Sometimes eating in the office, it is very likely that the desk will be stained with oil, then we can gently wipe with warm soapy water, then wipe it off with an eraser.

2, ball pen oil:

When we are working, sometimes we often use ballpoint pens, etc. If you accidentally get the ballpoint pen's handwriting, we can wipe it off with an eraser.

3, beer, soda, coffee:

If you accidentally drink the above drink and occupy the table, we can dry it with warm water and then wipe it off with water.

4, chewing gum:

When you get chewing gum, you can put it on top with ice cubes. After the chewing gum is solidified, it can be easily removed.