Commonly used sofa classification in life

- May 29, 2018-

1. Corner sofa

     Corner sofas have curves, L-shapes, U-shapes, etc. They are generally composed of five to six pieces and are suitable for study rooms and living rooms. You can also make some adjustments based on the size of the room corner. According to the current room opening area and the popularity of television, indoor corner sofas are more practical. Corner sofas and televisions can meet the requirements of sightlines and increase the visibility of television. If you choose to use dual-purpose corner sofa (can be combined after the bed) is better.

     The height of the corner sofa and other sofas ( is basically the same, that is, the height must be able to relax or rest. The sofa is too low for people to stand upright; too high makes the room look narrow. When choosing, pay attention to the fabric color should be tuned with the color of the room. Otherwise it will destroy the color tone of the room.

2, single sofa (also known as a small sofa)

     According to the habits of our people's lives, two pairs are used together, with a small coffee table in the middle. This kind of sofa enters the family life earlier, mainly has the luxurious type and the simple type two kinds. Because of the restrictions on the conditions of the living room, the average family often uses simple types. This sofa is flexible and practical. In the current life, it is being replaced by corner sofas and other types of combination leather sofas. However, in a family with more spacious living conditions, if a single sofa is fitted with a double (or more) sofa, the reception room is arranged in the living room to add a touch of intimacy. If a single sofa is arranged in the study, it can be used by writers to eliminate fatigue at any time. The degree of convenience is unmatched by other sofas. When placing such sofas, it is necessary to choose the location and color of the fabrics to be placed. When the sofas are placed at the same time as other sofas, the degree of matching between them should also be considered. For example, a luxury multi-seat sofa with a simple single sofa will cause people to feel weightless and affect the harmony in the room.

3, multi-person sofa

     This kind of sofa is currently popular in people's lives. There are mainly combined type, folded type and fixed type. In families where the living conditions are not yet adequate, the use of dual-use multi-person sofas can expand the area of living activities and increase the aesthetics of the home. When placed, it is convenient and practical. If the room in which the sofa is placed is no longer placed in a bed, the display of furniture in the room should be centered on a multi-person sofa.

     No matter which type of sofa is purchased, first of all, we must consider our own family environment. We must not only satisfy the aesthetic concept and interest, but also adapt to the cultural level and the customs of the place of residence. Only in this way can the harmony of the subject of the family arrangement be reflected.