Cloth sofa and leather sofa

- Jun 14, 2018-

These two kinds of sofas have their own advantages. There are many fabric sofa fabrics, and the silk and satin fabric sofas are elegant and luxurious, giving people a magnificent feeling. The sofas made of rough linen and corduroy are heavy and heavy. From the flower type point of view, you can select the bars, geometric patterns, big flower patterns and monochrome fabrics as sofas. The checkered fabric looks neat and refreshing. It is suitable in the simple and bright design of the living room. The geometric and abstract patterns of the sofa give a modern, avant-garde feel to the modernist family; the large flower pattern sofa jumps. Bright and vivid, it can bring vitality and vitality to the dreary and old-fashioned family; monochrome fabrics are very popular, and the large single color gives a calm and fresh atmosphere of the living room.

Leather sofas look gorgeous, calm and dignified, especially in the spacious living room. Putting on such a sofa will enhance the grade of the entire room, but the price is higher and the choice of fabric color will increase. There are fewer sofas than fabrics.

In addition, the style of the sofa should be matched with the decoration style of the room. The leather sofa is wide and atmospheric, and it is suitable for the decoration of European classical style and neo-classical style. The fabric sofa has a wide range of adaptability. Its simple and smooth style, casual and elegant. The style, the combination of various designs, is more loved by young people. The modern and simple decoration is accompanied by a colorful fabric sofa. It will add a lot of fashionable elements to the room. Therefore, the kind of sofa to buy and the room The renovations were considered together.

Finally, a set of leather sofas with good texture and craftsmanship look very stylish, but the color of the sofa needs to be particularly concerned: black is resistant to dirt, but in addition to the company's meeting room and office room, it will appear a bit boring at home, nor Good with other furniture; red, white, printed leather and other bright colors are too avant-garde, only for the special environment and artistic atmosphere of the stronger family; for most of the friends, maroon and bean green is a good choice. It is worth mentioning that many working-class friends think that leather sofas are very expensive. In fact, with the ever-advanced leather craftsmanship, many printed leathers and synthetic leather sofas are also very beautiful, and after special processing, they are waterproof, insect-proof, and non-slip. The price is not expensive, a row of cushions on the mat feels pretty good.

The fabric sofa is not only more convenient, easy to clean, but also can change the sleeve, will not make people feel stereotyped.

It can be known from the above that because the adaptability, style and design style of the fabric sofa are more than that of the leather sofa, it is better, so some fabric sofas are more expensive than the leather sofas.