Chinese style decoration sofa feng shui taboo

- Jun 09, 2018-

The decoration of Chinese style living room sofas is not arbitrarily arranged from the perspective of home feng shui. In the many years of Chinese style decoration design, Tianyuan Chinese design institute summarized the living room sofa and Feng Shui method.

The important position of the Chinese-style sofa in the living room is like an important port in the country. It must be able to absorb as much water as possible before it can prosper. The excellent port must have curved outposts on both sides, shaped like the English letter "U". The furnishings of the sofa should also be the same as those of the advanced harbor. If the sofa is in a straight line, it will be like a broken arm, and it will be difficult to accomplish. Although some ports lack one arm, they can't hold their hands and feet, but as long as there is a bend in the place where the water goes, they hold back against the water. If the interior decoration of the villa is limited due to the environment, the sofa cannot be supported by the arm around, so you can ask for the next one. You can set another sofa at the water level, and make your own sand to meet the incoming water flowing from the gate to form a poly-water situation. This is also in line with Feng Shui. Some homes have their doors facing the corner of the balcony door, and it is even more necessary to place the sand under the water to accommodate the water so that the water flowing in through the door is not leaking.

Sofas are divided into single sofas, two-seat sofas, long sofas, and round sofas. In terms of materials, they are also divided into leather sofas, cloth sofas, rattan sofas, and traditional wicker chairs, in terms of color and shape. , it is more numerous. The number of Chinese-style sofas in the living room decoration is stressful, and one set of half is not allowed, or two kinds of sofas are used in combination. In terms of psychology, the sofa is empty and insecure. If the interior of the villa is a window, door or passage behind the sofa, there is no backing behind it. If there is indeed no solid wall behind the sofa, an effective way to improve it is to place a low cabinet or screen behind the sofa. This is called “ Artificial backing will also play a remedial role. Chinese style sofas should not be equipped with big mirrors behind the sofa. People sit on the sofa. Other people can clearly see the back of the occupants from the mirror. If the mirror is not there, the back of the head will not be reflected from the mirror.

If the villa is decorated with Chinese-style sofas in a straight line with the door, Feng Shui is called "hedge", the disadvantages are considerable. If the sofa does not interfere with the door, there is no need to dispose the screen. Sometimes the light in the sofa area is weak, and many people will put lighting on the top of the sofa, such as: a downlight hidden in the ceiling, or exposed spotlights, etc., because it is too close to the sofa, the light goes directly from the top of the head, on the environment In terms of design, there is direct light on the top of the sofa, which can make people feel nervous, dizzy, and restless. If you make a light modification to the wall, you can ease it slightly. Chinese decoration in this situation, it is best to remove the sofa so as not to run against the door. If there is no place to move, then there will be a screen between the two, so that the gas flowing from the gate into the house will not hit the sofa.