Chinese sauna sofa industry development at this stage

- Jun 04, 2018-

With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the sauna sofa industry has provided a good space for development. The sauna sofa industry grows at a rate of 20% to 30% each year, far exceeding the national economic development level.

Brand positioning must carry out scientific market research and segmentation to determine the target consumers of the brand, and then formulate a clear and clear positioning based on the needs of consumers and their perceptions of the competing brands and their own brands. Continuous communication makes this position a place in the minds of consumers. The correct positioning can not only become an inexhaustible motive force for product sales, but also indicates the direction for product development, pricing, terminal management, and dissemination.

There is a well-known sauna sofa brand. Last month's advertisements were said to be "real materials and true feelings." This month, they also talked about "high-quality sauna sofas." Next month they also called "Hong Kong quality products" and "national inspection-free products." "," China's famous brand products ", and in a while, they talk about "yousheng culture" in their brochures. The positioning of the brand changes from month to month, new year after year, one-time advertisements and one theme, and the brand faces one year at a time, so that consumers may fall in the fog. Positioning is simple. The consumer's mind is to like simple and disgusting complexities, and rejects complicated information.

Phenomenon 1: Sell the product itself. Selling products on products, hitting the market with low prices, and falling into the mudflats of price wars, results in weak business development. This kind of company has no brand awareness, and it does not even have a sense of communication. It merely manages to pull carts and does not look up at the road. It still stays in the era of product production and relies on meagre profits. There is a serious lack of communication with consumers.

Phenomenon 2: The product is buried anonymously. This is a very strange phenomenon in the sauna sofa industry. Sauna sofa is a kind of anti-consumer product, its service life is short for three years and five years, but it can be passed down through the world for a long time. The price of sauna sofa ranges from tens of yuan, a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars, to tens of thousands. A few hundred thousand or even millions of dollars. However, in the sauna sofa products, most of them do not have a brand name or a brand logo. If any, they often hide in an unremarkable position and cannot be seen without paying attention. There is no brand name or logo on the sofa of the sauna. The consequence of this is that some consumers may still know what brand they are buying, and they will not remember it over time. At the same time, people who have come into contact with sauna sofas have lost the opportunity for brand retransmission. In addition, if consumers spend a lot of money to buy a sauna sofa, because of the "no name" of the sauna sofa, it can not reflect the added value it deserves, and may also dispel the desire to purchase an expensive sauna sofa. Analyzed from the perspective of brand equity, brand equity includes four parts: reputation, loyalty, quality awareness, and brand association. Each part creates value for the brand in different forms. Each part is closely related to the brand's name. According to David Iger, a famous American brand expert, the brand name is like a collapsible folder in the customer's mind. It contains a lot of information about the brand's emotions and reality. .

Phenomenon III: brand positioning similarity. The positioning of the brand is either "environmental health", or "quality credible", or "real talented", children's sauna sofa brand will shout "for all children", "to The best child." Ironically, some so-called Chinese brand names are selling "Chinese famous brand products," "national inspection-free products," and "Chinese well-known trademarks." The primary principle of positioning must be different. Consumers are only interested in different products and only have different positioning products, so they have the possibility of entering the minds of consumers. Of course, different products do not refer only to the product itself, but more importantly work harder on the minds of consumers. The result of similar product positioning is no positioning. Without positioning, it is impossible to achieve effective communication with consumers, and the final fight can only be price. Too many companies believe that branding is to create a beautiful slogan, and then spread the slogan and you're done. In fact, the process of brand building is a process of building trust with consumers. The slogan of the brand is a promise to consumers. In communicating with consumers, consumers not only look at how you say, but also how you do it. Consumers will use what you do to verify whether or not you are honest and reliable. When consumers find that you are not doing what they say, the channels of communication are closed.

The lack of communication between the Chinese sauna sofa brands may not be limited to the above several aspects. They have one or more factors that affect and restrict the brand's growth and growth. How is the successful sauna sofa brand built? .