Can radiators be placed behind the furniture?

- Jun 21, 2018-

At the end of the cold weather in Sanjiu, the most comfortable thing is to enjoy the heat inside. However, in the warm environment, the skin tends to feel dry, and people do so, and solid wood furniture is also easy to feel "discomfort." Sometimes people think that bare radiators do not look good, but they also want to block it with furniture, but they do not know that close baking will make the furniture very hurt. So, how far does the solid wood furniture fit from the radiator? Where should the radiator be?

Regarding the location of the radiators, we would like to ask the professional to give the design and choose the correct installation location. Some people say that there are many items in the home, and every corner is full of stuff. If the radiator is hidden behind the furniture, it can save a lot of space, and it can block out the less beautiful radiator, and it will not affect the overall effect of the interior decoration. In real life, we do see that some homes or offices place radiators behind sofas, beds, tables, and other furniture, and some or all of the radiators are blocked. This approach seems to be ideal, more satisfactory, but in fact it is not the case, there are many drawbacks.

Radiator cooling has conduction, convection, and radiation in three ways. If furniture is arranged in front of the radiator, the surrounding air convection will be hindered and eventually affect the cooling effect. Data shows that if the radiator heat is not fully emitted, the temperature of the heating is about 3-5°C. The safe distance between the furniture and the radiator should be at least one meter. Being too close to the heat source will quickly cause moisture in the furniture wood to evaporate and cause all seams and blemishes in the furniture to shrink and cause cracks in the enamel deformed panel. It will also change the decorative materials such as leather, cotton and linen on the furniture. Affects everyday use. Therefore, it is very undesirable for the radiator to cling to the back of the furniture. Especially for rooms with low room temperature in winter, the furniture should be rearranged and the radiators exposed so that they can fully function as heat sinks.

For radiators may affect the appearance of the problem, this worry is completely unnecessary, the user can ask the professional to give the design, construction, in the product type can choose steel, copper and aluminum compound these modern new radiator, and according to the decoration The overall style determines the style and color, so that the radiator is well integrated into the home environment, not only will not affect the overall decoration effect, but will become a modern fashion dress up the home supplies.