Buy cafes sofa need to pay attention to what details

- Jun 07, 2018-

With the continuous development of society, the continuous demand of the market, Internet cafes are also keeping pace with the trend of continuous innovation, the style of the Internet cafe sofa is also more and more innovative fashion, more and more. General cafe sofa can be divided from the style Single Internet cafe sofa, double Internet cafe sofa; from the material can be divided into fabric cafes, sofas, sofa cafes cortex; many customers in the choice of Internet cafes sofa, more fancy is the cafe style and color of the sofa is appropriate, followed by the price, What is not considered is the quality of the Internet cafe sofa, the so-called flashy, the quality of Internet cafes can also cut corners, gorgeous appearance, the internal structure of materials is very far!

Now we introduce how customers should observe the sofa when selecting a sofa bar.

1. Pay attention to the choice of fabrics and colors;

2. Pay attention to the structure (strength and rigidity);

3. Pay attention to whether the material has been normally dried and there is mildew and deformation;

4. Pay attention to whether the size, height and length of armrests are the same;

5. Observe whether the color of the fabric is as bright as new, whether it is detached or scratched, and whether the exposed parts have any burrs, sharp corners, imaginary edges and tooth gaps;

6. When pushing the foot is the same height, the screw is good;

7. The softness and hardness of the back and cushion sponge are moderate, and when there is no pressure on the surface of sponge, there should be no metal friction and other abnormal sounds;

8. Sponge must choose high-rebound fine-quality sponges. In order to save costs, some manufacturers do not pay attention to brand development. They use recycled cotton as a sofa filler. This type of sponge is a type of sea that is used to suppress and reuse waste sponges with toxic glue. Cotton is neither elastic nor toxic to the human body.

9. Internal and external metal fittings and springs must not rust.

Internet cafe sofa gold material requirements are as follows:

Frame: Solid wood is selected for use. The material is hard and the steel is strong. It conforms to the GB/T3324 international standard. Anti-corrosion and anti-insect are never deformed. The

Sponge: high-density foam sponge, high-rebound sponge, moderate hardness, good elasticity, no deformation. The shape of the sponge is both modern and ergonomic and comfortable to sit. The

Spring: High-quality, high-strength snake spring, strong toughness, good elasticity. The

    Finishes: super-soft velvet, linen, cotton, PU, PVC, environmental protection, etc. (according to the actual needs of customers)