Beauty bed types, sizes and options

- Jun 04, 2018-

Beauty beds are becoming more and more common in our daily life. The traditional beauty bed may be a very ordinary plate bed. Its conventional size is 1900*700*650mm. With the development of society and the needs of modern people, the traditional beauty bed is no longer able to meet the needs of the community. People have a large degree of requirements on the performance and function of the beauty bed. The beauty bed has also appeared Features new styles in various sizes.

Beauty beds can be divided into functional categories:

First, electric beauty bed: 1. Feel comfortable, delicate; 2, using high-density foam, moderate elasticity, feel comfortable; 3, mediation function: bed height, backrest, legs. (You can use your own office or with your family)

Second, fumigation beauty bed: the current market is not only popular in beauty salons, can also be prepared in their own homes, it through the warm stimulation, accelerate your blood circulation and cell metabolism, so you can achieve the elimination of fatigue. Elimination of tension effect. Beauty can also be detoxification, to adjust some of the conditions.

Third, the folding beauty bed: more suitable for people who like to go out to travel, easy to carry out, but also when the recliner.

Beauty beds can be divided according to the material: solid wood beauty bed, stainless steel beauty bed and iron frame beauty bed.

The purchase of beauty bed: the general beauty bed iron frame affordable, cost-effective is also relatively high. The stainless steel beauty bed is more durable than the iron frame and it is not easy to fade. Solid wood beauty beds are generally found in high-end beauty salons. The beauty beds are highly durable and relatively high-grade. Customers can choose the beauty bed that suits their requirements according to actual needs.