Bath foot sofa size big secret

- May 22, 2018-

Not all bath foot sofas are uniform in size, and different sizes of foot bath sofas are not exactly the same size. Of course, it is not only this factor that determines the size of the foot bath, but also its style. The electric footbath that we often use is because the backrest is free to go up and down, so we have to understand two dimensions at the time of purchase, the size when the backrest stands up and the flattened size. Next, let's uncover these two dimensions together.

  First, the backrest stands up when the foot bath sofa size: In this case, with the average size of the home sofa, but in front of a footrest. Its length (ie, depth) is 80 cm, its width is 90 cm, its height (ie, the distance between the back of the sofa and the ground) is 90 cm, its seat height is 45 cm, and its handrail height is 55 cm. The size of the ottoman is 60 cm long * 55 cm wide * 45 cm wide. If the size of the ottoman is taken into account, the overall length of the foot bath sofa is 1.35 meters.

   Second, the back rest flat foot bath sofa size: flat foot bath sofa with a casual bed like. The total length of the ottoman is 1.9-2.2 meters. The width remains unchanged at 90 cm. The height of the handrail is still 55 cm. The height of the seat cushion is 45 cm. The armrest-free electric bath foot sofa will be slightly smaller than the handrail when laid flat, but the difference will not be great.