Bar deck definition and price calculation method

- May 21, 2018-

1. Definition

   The definition of the bar deck itself is a kind of public seat used in bars, nightclubs, ktvs and other places, which is what we usually call the seat sofa. The one-side seat we call the L-shaped bar deck, we have a seat on both sides called the T-bar seat, surrounded by seats we call the O-bar seat, as well as arc-shaped deck, U-type card seats and S-type card seats and so on. Because of its simple structure, it can be freely customized according to the space in the store, so it is widely favored by bar owners. There is another narrow definition in the bar deck. In order to upgrade the bar, the bar classifies the deck as a large or small card. The different deck areas and consumption levels are different.

2. the price calculation method

    The price of a bar deck is generally measured in meters, which is how much we say per meter. Usually, the position of each person's card is about 60cm, so the length of the two-person bar deck is 1.2m. If you want to be a bit more spacious, you can also achieve 1.4m, if you press the price of a single deck. Is 550 yuan per meter, then a two-person bar seat price is 1.2 meters * 550 yuan, the price is 660 yuan per sheet. Of course, not all bar-seat prices are the same, and the price has a lot to do with the ease of styling and the choice of materials.