Bad office furniture identification method

- Jun 07, 2018-

When consumers bought office furniture, they doubted that the appearance of office furniture did not look significantly different, but why did the prices differ so far? In fact, there is a big difference in the production of office furniture. Some manufacturers in the production of office furniture, there are a lot of cut-offs, stealing the trap, and need to distinguish carefully to see through.

 1. the use of inferior substrates

The use of non-drying and insect-infested substrates, such office furniture has a high moisture content, which can easily cause deformation or cracking of finished office furniture. With office furniture made from decayed or infested wood, office furniture will collapse.

2.substrate mixing assembly

  Due to the fact that the artificial board office furniture adopts the method of veneer decoration on the outside of the base material, although the appearance of each part of the office furniture cabinet is the same, some of the base materials in the office furniture are manipulated by the manufacturers. For example, some office furniture cabinets use melamine plates that meet the requirements of environmental protection and quality, and cabinet doors use the large core plates that emit more formaldehyde. The

Internal production jerry cuts

Since the artificial panels used in panel office furniture are all made of adhesive and are very sensitive to water, their waterproof properties must be protected by the veneer and edge sealing of the panels. In order to save costs, some manufacturers do not seal the joints between the interior board and the board of the office furniture. On the one hand, the office furniture is exposed to water and the formaldehyde in the material cannot be fully blocked. This causes the formaldehyde content of the office furniture to be heavy.

3. hardware is replaced

     Replacing cheap hardware and cutting corners in office furniture installation. For example, the cabinet mirror of a large wardrobe has no back panel, no pressure bar, and is only positioned with nails. This practice of cutting corners can easily cause the cabinet mirror to break. The

4. purchase tips

When purchasing office furniture, you should carefully observe the office furniture samples and ask the lady to ask for the material type and brand. When signing a contract for purchasing office furniture, sales personnel are required to indicate them in accordance with the contents of their presentation. Don't use the color, type of office furniture, or the simple word “consistent with the sample of the factory site” instead, so that the signing of the contract is binding, so that the inferior office furniture manufacturers have no chance.