Approaching the Barcelona chair

- Nov 02, 2018-

Since modern times, a large number of furniture designers have emerged in Europe and the United States. They have boldly created creativity and innovation, and have been brave in practice, creating a lot of creative new furniture, creating a precedent for modern style furniture, which has been praised as a designer by later generations. Furniture. Among these designer furniture, the Barcelona chair is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching furniture designers.

Nowadays, most people choose modern minimalism style when they decorate their houses, and modern style furniture has become the most loved furniture. Among these modern furniture, in addition to some manufacturers' own designs, there are some classics of famous designers who have been circulating for decades. They are called furniture designers. Among the many furniture designers, the Barcelona chair has always been regarded as a classic in the classics. Its high-end atmosphere and temperament, and practical functionality, have been impressed by countless people. Many manufacturers have copied it, which is called modern design. A miracle in history.

Birth of the Barcelona chair

Why is it called a Barcelona chair? The reason is that this chair was first debuted in Barcelona, the famous city of Spain, and became famous as a classic. When it comes to the Barcelona chair, we have to mention its designer, Mies van der Rohe. Mies is an ordinary family from Germany. He did not receive formal design education at an early age, but he still passed Self-study and became one of the greatest architects and furniture designers of the 20th century, and was one of the core founders of the functionalist design party. He served as the third president of the famous design school Bauhaus, and his life advocated “less". It is a multi-design principle that has made a great contribution to the development of modern minimalism. In 1927, Mies was inspired by Stan's earliest designed cantilever chair, designed a curved steel armchair, also known as the "Mr. chair", which can be said to be the beginning of the Barcelona chair design concept. In 1929, Mies designed the entire shape of the German Pavilion at the Expo in Barcelona, but because the Spanish king and queen had to visit, they could not find furniture that was coordinated with the German Pavilion, so Mies designed this creative and stylish atmosphere. The Barcelona chair, which astounded the entire venue at the time, was regarded as a masterpiece by the entire design field.

Barcelona chai

Barcelona chair features

The most typical characteristic of the Barcelona chair is its design style. It perfectly reflects the principle of “less is more” advocated by Mies. From the perspective of appearance, it reflects pure modernism and functionalism. It is both fashionable and beautiful. Very practical, in line with the characteristics of popular and durable. From the shape structure, the Barcelona chair is composed of a curved cross-shaped stainless steel bracket and a leather chair cushion. As an architect, Mies has a unique love for steel, so he changed the structure of the traditional European solid wood sofa chair and switched to Steel can not only reflect the modern atmosphere, but also has stronger support. In 1948, it changed to stainless steel material, which further improved the overall performance of the chair. A closer look reveals that the Barcelona chair, whether it is the backrest or the seat cushion, is not flat, but has a certain curvature. These are the ergonomic design of the chair, in order to make the user more comfortable. From the side, the Barcelona chair is an "X"-shaped structure, which is also its biggest identification, even if it is now a trend.


Development of the Barcelona chair

The Barcelona chair at the Expo in Spain has attracted many people's attention. Many people have hired Mies to design the same models. These authentic furniture are now preserved in many museums. The Barcelona chairs on the market today are copied by furniture manufacturers. In addition to the original design, some manufacturers have also improved and modified them. For example, in 1948, KNO11 changed the frame structure from steel to stainless steel. It can be said that the Barcelona chair created a precedent for modern minimalism, which has a great impact on the entire furniture industry and even the field of home design.