Analysis of the Causes of the Electric Sofa's Backrest Not Lifting

- May 22, 2018-

The discovery of electric sand has become one of the necessary furniture for various conference halls, hotels and bathing centers. Due to the high frequency of use, some minor problems may arise. For example, the backrest of a sofa does not move up and down. If it is during peak business hours, it must affect In-store traffic. Perhaps these small problems can be solved by yourself.

 Let us first understand the principle of electric sofa work. The electric sofa is connected to the power supply, and is operated through an electric push rod installed inside the sofa, and an electric handle is used to control the backrest's lift. If the backrest does not move up and down, the first condition may be a loose hand, either an electric push rod or a problem with the handle. Then, we have to check if there is looseness at the joint between the electric push rod and the electric handle. In many cases, due to the fact that we are in the process of using, the sofa position is often moved, and it is not noticed that the plug of the electric push rod power supply is loosened, or the handle of the handle is loosened. The power cord of the electric putter is exposed and well handled. If it is loose, re-plug it. There is also a situation where the power handle connector is loose (this is rarely the case under normal circumstances). This is a little troublesome. You need to turn over the sofa, open the bottom cloth, and find the plug of the handle and insert it again. Secondly, the electric push rod and the electric handle are broken, and the two parts are broken together, or one of them is broken, we can not determine the circumstances, we can drop the other normal electric sofa handle or electric putter respectively , This can determine what parts are broken in the end, these accessories can be found to replace the factory. For example, motors, such as the ones used in our Xuan Yi furniture, are used for replacement of the old ones. They are free for replacement within five years, and the replacement of electric handles is not costly.