Analysis of Reasons Why Restaurants' Sofa Cover Cushion Is Bad

- May 29, 2018-

Restaurant sofa cushion is the most vulnerable part of sofa furniture, because it must provide good support and comfortable comfort. One third of the day people spend on the bed, while people sit on the sofa, it is 100. % Rely on sofa cushions to provide ride services.

   First, the common restaurant sofa cushion fault conditions:

   In many restaurant sofas where customers are taking care of customers, the customer's response is whether the sofa's springs may have been fatigued and how it will become softer and softer. When they sit down, they feel that they are trapped inside. Most consumers think that the seat is sunken because the spring is broken.

   The fact is, most of the real reasons are: After a long period of pressure, the cushions in the sofa cushions of restaurants have been flexibly fatigued. There are many leather sofas ( whose leather damage is also because the foam material is too poor to support the pressure. It is like a bun. If the internal hemorrhoids are not solid, the pressure from the outside is applied and the buns are pressed. It will sag, if you use a bad leather, it is like bunskin dried without elasticity and tension, as long as a little more vigorous, even the skin is cracked, if the internal hemorrhoids are solid, full and full, can provide good ergonomics Support strength.

Second, the restaurant sofa sponge manufacturing process and differences:

   Let's find out, what is a sponge? The foam is blended with polyamino carbamate and a foaming agent in a suitable amount and placed in a closed mold. The blowing agent causes the reaction to expand the resin and fills the mold cavity. After the reaction is completed, the foam is taken out as a sponge.

Sponge manufacturing method (commonly known as foam)

[Material + foaming agent] fusion → into the closed mold → heating → resin expansion → foam molding The higher the density of the sponge, the better the elasticity, high-density sponge good elasticity, durable pressure, not fatigue, The softness and the body achieve a close and comfortable fit, but the sponge with good quality also has a high risk during the foaming process, so the cost is relatively high and the price of the sofa sponge may also be different.

Third, the sponge structure in the sofa cushion of the restaurant

  Cheng Cheng, as mentioned above, sponge is a necessary component of the sofa cushion in the restaurant, and the higher the quality, the higher the cost. However, it is not possible to use a sponge in the sofa cushion. Xuanyi furniture, whether it is repaired or customized sofa furniture, in the seat part of the special structure: the top layer is silk cotton, can block the moisture transmitted by the leather or moisture, to prevent moisture damage to The lower layer of foam, the second layer is a soft high-density foam, the main role is to provide ride comfort, as well as a sense of comfort, the third layer is a hard high-density sponge, it is tough and durable sofa cushion Basic, flexible and compact.