American home culture in American movies

- Aug 03, 2018-

Movies always come from life and are higher than life. American film, as an important part of American culture, is also an important way for the world to understand American culture. To explore the American life in the movie, you have to say the American home. From the film "First Lady", "Manchester by the Sea", "The Shaped Contract" to the earlier "Hoover", "House of Cards", "The Lost Lovers", the American home is perfect with the movie situation. Fusion. Today, we will come back together to relive the classic American movies and learn about the unique American home.

"the first lady"

"First Lady" is based on the life of the former "first lady" Jacqueline Kennedy, the story focuses on the four days and nights of Jackie's life - the story that occurred from the time when her husband John F. Kennedy was assassinated to the funeral.

The film was shot by Jacqueline wearing a red suit worn by her husband when she was assassinated. Petite Jacqueline stood in the reception hall of the big White House office, behind her was a white leather sofa and a solid wood desk, on the wall. Framed photos. The first lady did not reveal the joy of entering the White House on this poster, but the oysters and insecurities in her face, which contrasted sharply with the background of the home furnishings.

One of the most impressive pictures in the film is a group photo of everyone in a hall. The Kennedy brothers are sitting on both sides of Jacqueline. The curtains behind the hall are slightly decorated with Arabic-style gold fabric. Although it is very warm, it really restores Jacqueline. Curtain style for the elliptical office.

"Manchester by the Sea":

In "Manchester by the Sea", starring Cassie Affleck was awarded the best actor in the Oscar for 2017 with a deep and introverted performance as a "textbook-like" act. The hero of the film's protagonist, Lee Chandler, passed away as a primer, using the montage technique and telling the story of Lee Chandler in a round-trip narrative and flashback.

Americans have the saying "couch potato" (the couch potato). They like to "lie on the couch" on the sofa, holding the French fries and watching the TV with soda, so the comfortable sofa is a must for singles or family rooms. Lee Chandler’s family had only one bed and a table against the wall. His beloved brother took his son to see him and urged him not to make his life so bad. He bought a dinner table and a big sofa for him. Lee Chandler later broke down because of his own fault, "nothing to love." The movie with Lee Chandler and even the most basic sofas are abandoned to reflect his self-blame, showing how important the sofa is to Americans.

Alien Contract

The American science fiction film "Shaped Contracts" produced in 2017 was released in mainland China in June this year, and was popular among domestic fans. One of the scenes, an antique chair, earned enough attention.

David, the bionic person, opened his eyes and saw the mountains outside the window. There was only one piano and an antique chair in a pure white house. This antique chair has a high and low wooden strip on both sides of the backrest, like two soldiers guarding the throne. The name of this antique chair is the "throne."


Hoover, the protagonist of Hoover, is a perfect and perfectionist. The worship of heroes is even simple, but he is extremely insecure, so he pursues control and power extremely. To show yourself, to pursue the self-confidence of the heart, and not to accept any failure, any embarrassment.

The furnishings of the Ministry of Justice in the film are typical American neo-classical styles. The neo-classical styles range from simple to complex, from whole to partial, with fine carvings and inlaid gold, which makes people feel the traditional traces of history and honesty. The cultural heritage, while at the same time abandoning the complexity of the texture and decoration, simplifying the line, giving a meticulous impression, and the character of the protagonist perfectly fits.

"House of cards"

In 2014, the American TV series "The House of Cards" stood out in many American dramas with its dark and cold style. Looking closely at Underwood's black and insidious character, both his home and the White House's office used a heavy and tough typical American nostalgia. The home creates an atmosphere of subtle darkness.

"The Lost Lovers"

The 2015 movie "The Lost Lovers", although not awarded the Oscars, is still popular. The film tells of a couple who are ordinary and loving. Suddenly one day the wife disappeared and her husband searched for it in various ways. However, in a diary left by his wife, he found that all kinds of clues indicate that the husband killed his wife.

The simple, quiet and pure white furniture in the movie is impressive, and the purity of its undercurrents adds a lot to the film.

When we were at home, we saw the American home furnishing effect on the film plot and character image, and also saw the unique charm of American home.