Advantages of full house custom furniture

- Jun 16, 2018-

Each home is decorated to a certain stage, must not be able to prevent the installation of porch cabinets, wardrobes, TV cabinets, cabinets and other large cabinets, as well as doors and windows, this time most people will choose furniture customization, for modern people, furniture Not only a real thing, but also represents a kind of life attitude. In today's society, custom furniture in the whole house is increasingly recognized by consumers. Because it can not only reasonably use all kinds of space in the home, but also can match with the entire home environment, and can be specially customized according to the characteristics of the owner, fully embody the owner's grade.

Consumer dissatisfaction with furniture purchases as high as 76%

In the past, when purchasing furniture, it was generally sporadic purchase of furniture and products. There was no consistent planning and planning, which often led to the uneasy coordination of the entire home style. It was also difficult to fully use the space in the home, and then decreased the usage rate of the home space. .

 Different from the traditional furniture industry, the whole-house customization can make full use of space, from the ceiling to the stairs, to make more spacious space for home decoration, complete the "small, five-dimensional All the practical features make your love home more "free".

Compared to the current homogenized furniture market, customized furniture is simpler to satisfy consumer's characteristic needs, and the entire house is customized to complete real-house whole-house customization, providing consumers with integrated, one-stop, characteristic and high-end products. Quality home customization solution. In addition, the whole house customization has three major advantages:

1 helps to accurately grasp the style

 Most “quasi-decorated families” don’t actually have much decoration experience, nor do they have any planning ideas. Many people only learned basic knowledge from the newspapers, the internet, and other people’s homes. When communicating with planners, they only took the floor plan. This has led to the planner not being able to understand your preferences well, just continuing his own original planning style, and some even applying the original plan directly to the decoration.

2. According to the furniture planning space

 Generally speaking, under the circumstances that the funds are promised, we will hand over some small furniture such as shoe cupboards and Doboge to the decoration company to save money. We think that this not only saves time and effort, but also prevents the size of the furniture that we purchased from. The right question. However, the furniture made by the decoration company on the spot put too much emphasis on the use of functions and could not satisfy consumers' demands for fashion home. If these furniture were set beforehand in the renovation, they would be exempted from these troubles. Now that the housing structure is relatively sensitive, many spaces can be opened and arbitrarily cut off.

3. Reduce unnecessary expenses

Custom furniture is a useful way to manipulate the capital. Renovated people all know that the final decoration style is basically more than the original budget, because in the decoration process, there will often be some non-prepaid increase, for example, odds more than a few more cabinets, consume workers naturally More than that, the longer the construction period is, the more money it saves. This is not reflected in the quotation that the decoration company started.

After choosing a piece of furniture, you actually spent a great deal on the decoration costs, and the basic format has now been determined. The rest will only be part of the basic project to the decoration company to do, it will prevent the occurrence of many Unnecessary additions. Many people spend a lot of time in decoration, but when they buy custom furniture, they find that they are shy and can only buy some inexpensive furniture that does not fit in with the decoration style. The overall feeling of home decoration is extremely uncoordinated.

 At the time of renovation, only your economic conditions can, and the selection of furniture for the whole house is still good. It will save you a lot of trouble. Of course, my friends, when choosing the furniture for the whole house, must not be careless. , we must carefully consider, or did not choose the right whole house furniture custom style and quality and regret it.