A good restaurant environment to enjoy, starting with choosing comfortable dining furniture

- Jun 06, 2018-

Restaurant furniture has a variety of styles in the market. The contents of general restaurant furniture include: dining chairs, dining tables, wine coolers, restaurant sofas, decks, and so on. In addition to the daily necessities of daily life, restaurant furniture is an integral part of modern hotel and hotel restaurants and other business types.

The ideal restaurant is not only comfortable and beautiful, but also needs to be able to adapt to various activities. It can serve as a place for dinner, a formal dinner party, and various other party parties. These can be started with the choice of a table: a 2.4-meter table is suitable for 6-8 people, a 1.8-meter round table can sit 4-6 people, and a 1-meter square table is best for 2-4 people.

The frequency of use of the dining chair is generally high, so it must be a good quality when choosing. When choosing a dining chair, the first thing to look for is whether or not it meets the principles of ergonomics. In fact, when you sit on it and try it out, you will feel comfortable, and the arms are very natural on it. To achieve this feeling, you can basically meet the needs. In addition, firmness is also an indispensable factor. When buying, pay attention to the material and the way of splicing the chair. Generally speaking, the traditional ramming structure is more secure. Note that it is important to look carefully at the legs and frames of the dining chair. The dining chair, which usually has scars or has been repaired, should not be chosen.

The placement of restaurant furniture is in line with the overall design style of the restaurant design. The standard restaurant furniture layout is a dining table with several dining chairs, which is due to traditional habits and practical considerations. However, in fact, compared with other rooms in the family, the restaurant is the space with the smallest probability of repeated decoration. The appearance of the restaurant can be changed by changing the seat covers, changing the tablecloths and matching napkins, and adding decorations according to the season. If you want a more personalized effect, you can paint a wall with brighter colors. Before the renovation, we must consider the restaurant style and structure drawings to be targeted to the restaurant furniture