2018 Creative Office Furniture Design Principles

- Apr 10, 2018-

Office furniture is one of the products that are currently purchased by the company. Generally speaking, the following basic principles must be followed when designing office furniture. These principles are to ensure that the furniture is practical, comfortable, beautiful, and easy to produce and have sales profits. premise.

The core of office furniture design is creation. In the design, we must oppose plagiarism, oppose the immersion of other people’s intellectual property rights, advocate product innovation, and advocate individuality development. And the aesthetic must have the characteristics of mass aesthetics, show the characteristics of the times, must conform to fashion, and advance with the times.

When designers design a piece of furniture, there are four main goals. You may not understand them, but they are an indispensable part of the furniture design process.

1. Is it practical

Office furniture is used to use, it must have a certain function, perfect office furniture design should do its utmost to meet the needs of customers, follow the people-oriented principle, maximize the development of office furniture functions, and in accordance with lifestyle changes, Constantly develop new features.

2. Is it durable

Durability is often regarded as the only manifestation of quality. However, in fact, the quality of a piece of furniture is closely related to the perfect embodiment of each goal in the design. It includes another goal that will be mentioned next: beauty. If it is a very durable shoe that is made in spite of the fact that it is very durable, or the chair is extremely uncomfortable sitting on it, it is not a high-quality chair.

3. Is it comfortable

A piece of furniture must not only have its proper function, but also must have considerable comfort. With the development of society and the improvement of material living standards, people’s functional requirements for office furniture are gradually increasing, their comfort is rising, and the comfort of office furniture is increasingly enhanced. The design and function of office furniture should be functional and comfortable. Perfect combination to create its own style.